Chapter 13

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Zayn Nocturne Malik was over three milleniums old.

He was one of the oldest vampires that ever lived.

He was one of the Seven.

He was also the most powerful man of the 25th Century.

Throughout his 1,745 years of being alive – or undead as some people would call it– he had experienced every pain known to the habitants of planet Earth.

From physical to emotional pains, Zayn had experienced them all, but none of them compared to the pain of a broken heart.

Zayn had only experienced the pain of having one’s heartbroken once before. It was a very long time ago…

It was something indescribable; having your heart torn from your chest by the one person who you loved above all was the most agonizing things one could experience. Moreover, the experience was something that had haunted Zayn for centuries on end and affected him drastically as a person.

Zayn had been one of the most powerful vampires alive ever since the 14th Century.

Money, power and good looks.

Men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him. There were little – in fact next to none – reasons that any woman with a right sense of mind would reject the notorious Zayn Nocturne Malik.

Women throwing themselves at Zayn’s feet were only one of the many rewards that came with being the King of the majority of the world.

He had the world at his feet and he would willingly give all of it to Evelyn on a silver plate if she wanted to. There was nothing that he would not do for her.

Zayn did not know why, but he cared about Evelyn far deeper than he should. It had been centuries since he had felt like that for a woman…

Maybe it was because the way that she spoke her mind, her honesty, her beauty and captivating aura. Or was it her kind heart, her compassionate nature, that energy she possessed, full of light and happiness.

Like she was the light to his dark and lonely world… Zayn found himself falling deeper and deeper for her with each passing day…

With a heavy sigh, Zayn tilted his head back and took a large swig from the bottle of scotch that he took from the Blackburn Mansion.

Jonathan Blackburn’s daughter had stolen and broken Zayn’s heart and in revenge, he stole a bottle of scotch from her father’s house. It wasn’t a terribly bad revenge, wasn’t it?

“Ironic,” the King muttered to himself as Evelyn’s words echoed in her ears.

“Kill me!” That look of disgust and anger in Evelyn’s innocent eyes was something that would haunt Zayn till the end of his days.

“Do you even know how much you mean to me?” Zayn whispered as he took another mouth full of burning scotch.

As the intoxicating drink travelled down his throat, he could feel the power of the alcohol kicking in, numbing his sensations and relieving him from the intangible wounds that Evelyn's words had casted upon him.

He wanted to cry, to scream, to go on a rampage, and murder as many humans as he could possibly get his hand on. His body hungered for the sweet taste of human blood and that power of having the decision of someone’s life and death in his fingertips.

From the cliff of the mountaintops, Zayn could see sunset casting its luminous, orange lights over the bright lights of the small town that Evelyn had grown up in. With his vampire powers, he could almost hear the laughter of the tens of thousands of people who habited the small human town…

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