Chapter Three - Principal's office

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Chapter three - Principal's office

I jumped into my dad's car and he drove me to school. This school was bigger than my old one with light brown and yellow walls. People were chatting in groups like in movies. I got out of the car and said goodbye to my dad. I started walking up the schools path. Most of the students had their eyes on me. I even heard whispers like "Is that Eileen's Clark's spoiled daughter?" Or something like "I bet you she'll think that she will be so 'popular' in this school." I knew they thought that all the lies my mom made up about me were true. I had to make a promise that I will not get into any girly trouble. By now there was even more eyes on me. I looked around and sighed carefully.

"Hey Clark!" Someone shouted. There was giggles all around me. I turned around where the voice came from. I saw the guy I met the first day we moved to Bradford. Zayn Malik.

"Hey Malik!" I said sarcastically.

" Ooo!" Everybody burned and I turned around with a smirk.

"What did you say? Nobody dares to answer me back, little bitch!" Zayn was totally loosing his temper. He walked to me and slapped me as hard as he could. I lost my balance and I nearly hit the ground, but I couldn't let him make a fool of me. I went to him and I slapped him back, just not the on the right moment.

"Miss. Clark! Principal's office now!" A teacher on the background shouted. Zayn smirked at me.

I sat on the chair beside principals table. Principal was on the opposite side of me. She looked strict and angry.

"Miss Clark would you like to explain yourself?" She looked at me and frowned.

"Well this guy Zayn Malik made a fool of me and then I stood up for myself, then he slapped me and then-" I got cut of before I could finished.

"Alright. I'll ask Miss Smith to get Zayn for me." She informed me.

After a couple of minutes Zayn was standing infront of principal with me.

"Well Zayn, as I heard you slapped our new student Allison Clark," Principal explained to Zayn.

"No miss, she is lying! Would you believe me or her? I been in this school for years and nothing like that happened and now the second she came I got in trouble. Is that even possible by any chance?" He lied. I knew he lied. He was a jerk from now on.

"Alright. Allison I didn't see the incident and also Zayn is right. That never happened before. So, if it happens again I'm going to call your parents. Now you both can leave." She warned me.

The minute we both got out of the office Zayn pushed me to the floor.

"What the hell were you thinking? I nearly got in trouble, because of you!" He shouted, but not really loud. There was nobody in the corridor. Just me and him. I stood up and I spoke.

"You are such a jerk! Like I only met you and you act with me like you knew for ages! For goodness sake! Get your life together!"

He punched me in the stomach after my speech. I started crying from the pain. He laughed and walked away. "Well done Allison you just got a bully for yourself," I thought to myself. I couldn't stand up. Even if I tried. Everything went blurry.

~Zayn P.O.V~

I felt a little bit sorry for Allison. She doesn't know what she is getting into.

I went to my English class. Before opening the door I wondered if I should go back and check if Allison is Okay, but I changed my mind straight away. I won't go after her. It's her own fault.

I walked into the class. Everyone was staring at me. Most of the girls gave me those smirks and fake, annoying smiles. I was tired of being popular. I sat at the table at the back with my best friend Josh. Josh was a nice guy, he has never been that popular, because he was actually nice to everyone. He had brownish hair and hazel eyes. He was a bit of a nerd.

"Did you get in trouble?" Josh whispered so I could only hear.

"No, Allison didn't either." I whispered back.

"She looks such a sweet girl, Zayn" Josh spoke again.

"Just shut up!" I frowned.

The rest of the time in class we didn't speak again at all. Josh was a bit disappointed in me. No wonder why. He just put too much caring in people and even strangers.

The bell rang and all the class rushed out for lunch. I took my time and as I went out to the corridor I saw a group of people around in a circle next to the principal's office, but I was sure they weren't waiting to go to the office. I walked closer. There was an ambulance man on his knees helping someone. I couldn't see who was lying there, but to see the same black jeans and long blonde hair was enough for me. It was Allison. I quickly turned around and tried to walk away as fast as I could, but some random girl stopped me.

"Zayn, you must be happy that you ruined Allison's first day!" She yelled right into my face. The girl didn't seem to be very happy. "And by the way principal wants you in her office NOW!" She yelled again and walked away her head up high. What is wrong with this generation? I knew I was in a huge trouble and no excuse could help me. I walked into principal's office. She was talking to police man. Oh sh*t It's going to be worse then I imagined. The principal looked at me and walked over to me.

"Mr. Malik. I knew it was you and I could even proof it," she fake smiled. "The CCTV has a video of you pushing her and punching her. You should be ashamed to ruin our new student's first day. I have called your parents and they are going to have to pay at least £100 to the Clark family." She was talking seriously. Nothing worse then that could happen.

~Allison's P.O.V~

I woke up on the uncomfortable sofa with ambulance people around me. I tried to move, but a lady stopped me.

"Calm down. You need to lie down for a couple of minutes." She told me softly.

"Why does my stomach hurts so much?" I asked like I was some three year old.

"You got punched in the stomach." She explained nervously.

"Zayn freaking Malik." I muttered to myself.

"Sorry, what did you say?" The lady asked.

"Oh never mind," I answered. "By the way where am I?" I asked looking around.

"Oh, you are in the teachers's staff room " She explained happily. Oh god I was still in the freaking school! I already hate this school, because of Zayn.

Principal walked into the room.

"I'm so sorry Allison, for all this. Zayn's family will have pay you £100." She gave me a real smile for the first time.

I burst out laughing that Zayn will have to pay. I wonder who's laughing now?

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