I hate you

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I hate you (part 1) For shadowflight, and omg thankyou so much for 3 thousand reads!

Bill hated her, oh how he did. Ever since she arrived at Gravity Falls she's been causing trouble, messing with Bills plans. Her name was y/n l/n, she was 17 years of age and surprising Bill had never seen her in his life before she came. He wished he still hadn't.

She was a sweet girl, innocent you could say, though she wasn't afraid to stand up for herself and was quite confident too. In fact she was quite like shooting star in that way, always ready to give a helping hand, but unlike Mabel, she wasn't so naïve, so, I guess you could say girly. She was intelligent and once she had set her mind to something she was determined to finish it, no matter what. Everyone said there was a fire inside of her, how she was brave, creative and adventurous.

Bill saw none of this.

What Bill saw was quite different, he seemed to catch y/n at her worst of times. He thought she was too obsessive, like Pine tree. Determined to find out everything she can about Gravity Falls and meddling in things she definitely shouldn't be. It was no help that her and the twins were the same age, and that made them the greatest of friends, well for a while anyway, Pine tree stuffed that up for the both of them, much to Bills pleasure.

He found her annoying, over the year she's been here she's already managed to defeat him twice and even that was without any of the journals. She somehow got up into his head, confused him and tricked him. She was witty with her words and that completely threw Bill off, she'd sweet talk him into a lot of things without him realizing it and he'd shaked her hands a few more times then he'd like to admit.

And Bill had enough.

He had to get rid of her, no he couldn't kill her, that would give him the title of a murderer too and he didn't need that, though he could try. No. He'd make her leave town, somehow, he'd taunt and torment her so much she'd just pack her bags and leave.

He would start tomorrow.


Bill found y/n early next morning, sitting under a tree reading a book on astrology. Ugh. What a bunch of crap. He changed into his human form, wearing a casual pair of jeans and yellow jumper.

"Hello!" He cheered, trying to sound as polite and happy as possible. Y/n didn't even look up from her book.

"What do you want Bill?" She snapped, ooh what a nerve that girl has got.

"Hey! Hey! No need to get angry sweetcheeks, just wanted to come see my favourite human! Is that so bad?" He smiled, more like least favourite human. Y/n sighed, shutting her book.

"Yes, yes it is."

Bill was starting to get a little angry now. Time to bring out some bad memories.

He sat down beside her as she picked up her book and began to read once more, stupid girl.

"Hey kid. Remember last week when red head ditched you for a boy!" He said, and by the look on y/n's face she wasn't amused.

"I don't want to talk about it Bill." She said rather sternly, slamming her book closed and looking down towards her feet instead.

"What about when shooting star chose to save Stanford instead of you?" Bill suggested, looking towards her with a smug smirk. She just continued looking towards her feet and Bill noticed she now had her hands balled up into fists.

"Stop it Bill, I'm warning you." Bill chucked silently, this was rather fun.

"What about when Pine tree left you for blondie! Oh that was a good one!" He laughed, y/n was looking very, well, emotional now, and within seconds had stormed off in the other direction, leaving her book on astrology behind.

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