58. Work

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58. Work

I adjusted the bun at the top of my head as I looked around the desk. Three boxes from yesterday haven't been thrown in the recycling bin. Again.

"Tsk tsk." I said to myself grabbing them and taking them to the back. As I walked down the stairs I saw Niall again. Walking slowly with a slight limp concerning me. "Niall, babe." I called his attention. I saw his jaw wore a bruise that made my eyes widen. "You alright?"

"I have to go." He pressured hurrying himself along.

"Niall!" I shouted running after him. I grabbed his arm before looking around us making sure it wasn't gang affiliation. "Were you jumped?" I asked pressing my fingers up to the bruise.

"No, I have to go."

"Wait Niall." I pulled him again.

"No, I have-"

"Who did this to you?" I questioned pressuring him to answer.

"I- uh-"

"Who?" I asked more stern this time.


"Tell me or I'll call the police." I threatened. He cleared his throat looking around then leaning into me.

"You wouldn't want to call the police on Harry, would you?" He limped away as I stood in shock.

I thought all this fighting was done.

I marched back into the store whipping Marcus around to face me. "I'll be back soon. Maybe." I stated going back towards the front entrance as fast as I could.

I ran across the street the cold air not affecting me as my hot warm blood pulsed through every vein in my body. I went up to the greeter looking madder then a bat out of hell as I confronted him.

"Is Harry here?" I asked.

"Uh-" he paused. "Yes, down the hall." He stammered unsure if he was aloud to say or not.

I nearly flew down the hall walking into the room and standing with my hands on my hips staring at harry getting a drink from the water dispenser.

"If you're not Harry get out RIGHT NOW!" I demand seeing the boys scramble out of the room. Me and harry met in the middle of the mat as he looked at me confused. He had beads of sweat dripping from his ringlets before his long fingers pushed them back.

"What?" He asked smiling.

"You beat up Niall?"

"What?" He shot through clenched teeth.


"It's none of your business."

"If you honestly think this will be resolved with your stubbornness think again." I spat sourly.

"I just-"

"Just what?"

"Was protecting you!" He said as if it was my fault.

"Protecting me? From what?"


"He didn't do anything, he helped me with some heavy boxes. How did you even find out?" I questioned. He scanned me then shrugged.

"He came in talking about you."

"Well get over it! I'm not dating him! I'm dating you! You can't hurt every guys that talks to me." I pointed out.

"I do it all for you."

"Harry, if you want to keep me around you need to stop worrying about me." I demanded. Shock came over the room and we both stared blankly at each other. I couldn't believe that I had just said that and neither could he.

"Is that how it is?" He questioned. He folded his muscular arms as his muscles bulged. I looked at the ground and back at him.

"It just might have too." I sighed. He came closer putting his hand on my cheek as our eyes locked.

"Don't be like that." He tried. My heart stopped completely as my mind flashed back to mine and Jamie's date. He said the same thing. "Rose?" He trailed off waiting for me to respond.

"Listen, you have to apologise to him." I demand. He chuckled at me as if I had no right to tell him.

"I'm not-"

"Dammit Harry, I just paid my debt for your stupid fighting and now you won't fucking stop!" I shouted pissed off. He stood frozen his mouth slightly parted but I couldn't hear him breathing.

He stepped closer holding me by both of my arms. I shook from his grasp uncomfortable as the memories flooded back.

"You what?" He finally said.

"Go and apologise." I ordered.


"Go." I boomed lowly as he nodded slowly. I turned around watching him leave. He stopped at the door handle and looked back at me.

"I love you." He mouthed.

I nodded giving a weak smile. He didn't push it and walked out. I dropped to the mat in a seated position as Damon walked in. He sat next to me and looked at me for awhile.

"How's my little trooper?" He pushed me to the side.

"Frustrated." I said honestly. He put his arm around my shoulder pulling me close.

"I know, but Harry only means well." Damon cupped my chin pulling my face to meet his. "I promise." He whispered as his breath fanned over my face. I stared him in the eye as he did the same. "Not that it's any of my business, Rose, but why were you at that resturant with Jamie that night?" He asked quietly.

"I believe you, Damon." I whispered back. "Now you have to believe me." I pleaded. "I promised Jamie something in return for Harry's guaranteed safety. I didn't tell Harry because I wanted to take some responsibility and I feel awful."


"Because whilst we were arguing I let it slip." I said almost inaudibly. Damon squeezed his eyes shut and then opened them slowly.

"Did he directly say anything?"


"Don't stress it." He paused pulling me into a hug. "But I think you both need to apologise, you both have a lot of explaining to do." Damon encouraged. Damon was right, as much as I didn't want to admit it, we both owe apologies.

"Thanks Damon." I mumbled into his muscular chest

"Now, let me see your scar." He folded his arm as I turned around. "Damn, you look like Rambo." He joked. I rolled my eyes turning back around. "A feminine Rambo." He winked pushing my shoulder lightly.

"Funny." I poked his chest walking towards the exit. Realizing just how quick we both made up, just how easy he is.

"Rose," he called after me. I turned around to see Damon jog over. "Keep Harry in line. You're just what he needs."

"That's what I'm here for." I inquired.

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