Chapter (10)

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Banging on the door, it shuddered under the force of my fist, until finally it opened.

He stood there with one hand on the door, while the other hand rubbed his eye as he awoke, his hand quickly stopped when he noticed me however. His eyes went wide when he took me in, upset I launched myself into his arms; wrapping my arms around him and burying my head in his bare chest, I continued to cry. His body was frozen in fright for a few seconds before his arms wrapped me tightly; pulling me into the room he closed the door behind me.

I cried into his bare chest, as he continued to comfort me.

"Is, what's happened?" Liam croaked, his voice husky with sleep.

"I can't do it." I whimpered, my voice muffled as I spoke into his chest.

"What?" He asked with concern.

"The script," I choked. "I have to give an heir within a year" I wailed in his chest.

I felt Liam's body stiffened from my words.

"Dad's orders?" He asked coldly.

I nodded.

"He gave you no choice?" Liam asked, anger growing in his voice.

His grip tightened around me, he didn't need my answer.

"I am sorry Is," he whispered. "It's my fault." He confessed.

"How?" I choked.

"It should be me going through this," he said bitterly. "If I hadn't mated with Annabel..." He spoke with anger in his voice.

"Its n..." I began.

"Is it Isabella. It was meant for me, not for you." He cut in, sadness within his voice.

I pulled my face from his chest and looked up at him, still within his arms.

"Annabel is your soul mate, you cannot be angry with yourself for claiming her." I comforted him.

His mouth opened to protest and I pulled my hand away from his back and placed a finger over his mouth.

"This isn't your fault." I added, even as the tears fell from my eyes.

His hand left my back, as it wrapped around my finger pulling it down.

"I hurt you Isabella, beyond forgiveness." He declared, sadness forming again in his voice.

My eyes stared into his. He had nearly killed me I thought to myself.  I brought my head back down into his chest and returned my hand to the spot on his back. He let out a sigh as he wrapped his arm back around me.

 "I am sorry Isabella." He muttered into my hair.

"I know..." I whispered.

"I lost control of my temper, directing it all at you." He confessed as he leaned his chin on my head. "It should have been directed at our father or The Griffins'." He bitterly spat.

I tightened my grip on him.

"I need you Liam," I mumbled. "I can't do this alone." 

"What you are doing Isabella, for our country, for the throne..." He sighed, "It's honourable of you." He finished.

I shifted in his arms. It would take time for me to forgive him. But they say all wounds can heal, I just hoped that they were right.


Chase stuffed my suitcase and bags into the back of the limo. I just waited at the side, lifeless.

I didn't want to leave with my family in the morning. Liam understood my reasons, so I had convinced Chase to leave with me tonight. Though he needed little convincing because he longed to back to our home grounds. Even with the truce, it felt weird being on Griffin land.

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