10. Distractions

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I focused back on Nick. I looked into the mirror and Justin was making funny faces. I held my head down and started laughing to myself. I peeked back over to Justin and he was still doing it.

I covered my mouth and tried to pay attention to Nick. You could hear little giggles among the other dancers. Nick finally caught on and snapped.

"BIEBER!" He shouted. My head shot in his direction.

"What?" Justin couldn't keep a straight face. I tried to keep myself together, but Justin was obviously in a playful mood. Nick wanted to work.

"Do you have to pee or something? Are you good?" 

"I'm fine. I just wanted to loosen the mood. Is that ok teach?" 

"What am I going to do with you kid?!" Nick turned back to the mirror. Justin shrugged.

"You're making it hard to concentrate Justin." One of the dancers complained. 

"Ok, Leggo!" Justin clapped his hands. Nick replayed the song. I ran my fingers through my hair to compose myself.

After a good three hours, we learned 5 routines. Nick put us to work today. All I want to do now is take a shower and hit my pillow.

"I want everyone back here tomorrow at 11:00 AM, no excuses! We have screws to tighten and 3 more routines to learn. Get a good night's sleep and be ready to go hard tomorrow. Class dismissed!"

Everyone scattered and grabbed their belongings. The first thing I went after was my water. It felt like I was drinking from God's magical pond.

I packed my bag. I looked over and saw Justin shirtless, drinking his water. My movements began to slow down, until I completely stopped what I was doing.

My eyes traveled slowly over his body. I was enjoying myself until I heard, 

"You like the view?" Justin smirked at me. I've been busted. My pulse accelerated!

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