chapter 10

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Chapter 10:

I was so comfy under my covers checking instagram on my phone while Blake was out with his hoe of the day. If only we could do this for 4 months. Then this dumb little crush would go away and I wouldn't have to worry about falling for him.

"HONEY IM HOME!!!" I heard Blake yelled from downstairs. I didn't feel like talking so I locked my phone and got comfy under the covers to make it look like I was sleeping.

"ALYkins oooh ure asleep??" He whisper yelled. The door shut and I waited a second before shooting up in my bed and doing a hapoy dance with my eyes closed thinking I had tricked him.

Then I opened my eyes.

"That's not nice cupcake!!" He said pouting. "Don't hide from me like that!

"Uugghh go away!!" I yelled throwing my pillow at him and swinging my legs over the side of the bed. I had forgot I was wearing shorts until I realized Blake walking towards me with his eyes fixated on my legs.

"You know you have very sexy legs Alylkins" no no no I thought as he came closer and closer until he was standing in between my legs "theyre smooth too" he ran his hands up and down my legs.

"Blake get out pplease" I asked stuttering on the please

"No can do sexy I make u nervous??" He asked huskily

"N-no what makes u t-think that??" I retaliated clearing my voice and grabbing his hands. He started leaning closer and closer to my fa-



"Hello!?" I exclaimed a little too enthusiastic into my phone

"Yay!! U answered. Look I know its last minute but do you think you could double date with Chasey and I????" Jessie asked

" do I double date if I'm only one person???" I asked. It took me a second to realize what I just said out loud. I realized when I looked up to see Blake with my phone.

"We'll be ready by 8:00 Jessica don't worry" with that he ended the call. When he tossed me my phone I saw it was 7:45

I got up, very frustrated if i may add, and it was easy to decide what to wear so I worried about that last. I straightened my hair first, adding some curls to the end.

I went to the closet and pulled out my short shorts with a casual navy blue polo. And my navy blue converse.

I put a clear coat of lip gloss on my lips put my light pink case on my phone grabbed my keys and went to the living room.

"BLAKE LETS GO!!" I yelled once at the door.

He came in less than 5 seconds and we left the house.


"That was a good movie" Chase commented trying to calm the mood. The movie scared the shit out of Jessica and she was about to kick his ass.

In 3...2..1. SLAP #1!

"You asshole!!" Slap #2 "you knew that shit was gonna scare me" Slap #3 "youre so mean!!!!!!" She yelled followed by slaps #4 5 6 and 7

"Baby I'm sorry"he yelled wrapping his arms around her waist and gently tugging her closer to him.

I grabbed Blake's hand and pulled him outside so we could give Chase and Jessie their privacy.

A huge wind blew by and I started shaking so bad. I knew I should've brought a sweater. Damn me.

"Here" Blake murmmered putting his leather jacket on me. And pulling me close to him. He felt so comfortable against my body like our bodies were meant for each other....ewww

This isn't helping me get over this. I leaned back to create a distraction from this beautiful moment when he did the one thing I wanted to badly.

He crashed his lips onto mine and I immediately moved my lips insynch with his. He grabbed my waist and wrapped his arms around me tight making me gasp. He took that chance to stick his tongue in my mouth.

This felt so right until I realized where we were. I think he realized too because we both broke the kiss at the same time. We were breathless.

"Blake" I whispered.

"AGAIN AGAIN!!!" Jessie yelled next to me scarring me shitless.

Oh God. I'm never gonna hear the end of this.

The car ride home was hella akward. When we finally got home I rushed inside and went straight up to my room not caring to shut my door throwing myself on the bed. What a mess. I got up, closed my door and locked it.

How could I let him kiss me. How could I let him do this. He's so cute and sooooo yummy but he's not good and he's not gonna change for me. He's been with girls who are out going and are all about sex. Not inexperienced virgins like me.

I thought for a few more minutes until I heard moaning. Oh heeeell no! I got up and put my special spying cup against the wall. I used this all the time when I was little to listen in on my parents when I was a little girl.

"Blake.... Blake. Faster! BLAKE!!"

Ewwww he was whoring!! Stupid me to even think the kiss meant something. I threw the cup to the rug and got in bed. He's not worth it I don't even like him that much.

Or do I???

*next morning*

I woke up to the smell of Blake's Cologne. What the fuck?? Is he in my room? I looked around until I realized I still had his leather jacket on. I can't believe the same Guy who gave me his sweater and kissed me so passionately had sex right after kissing me.

But you know Wat? He doesn't know I like him so I'm just gonna pretend everything's ok so I don't give anything away. Or make things akwareder. Ik Ik that's not a word but it's my word its invented.

I ran down the stairs and pulled out the ingredients to make my special cereal. I didn't have dinner last night so I was STAARVING right now!!

"Good morning I see you're still jacket" damn! I forgot to take it off. I turned around to face a smirking Blake and removed the jacket immediately regretting this. I loved how warm the jacket made me feel. How good it smelt but no it was wrong to keep it.

"Here" I said reaching over the table to hand Blake his jacket.

" you can keep it you know" he pushed it back towards me

"I'm good thanks" I said pushing it to him again

He shook his head and picked up the jacket taking it up stairs. 'I want it back!!!' was all I could think

Why did he have to sleep with whoever that chick was. Why couldn't he have like not done it while I was here or like not done it at all. Such a prick.

"Aly I think we should talk about that kiss" Blake said retreating down the stairs after like 10-15 minutes.

"No it didn't mean anything" I said even though it did mean something. Well it meant something to me.....

"How can you say that?? There was so much passion in it and fire. It meant something to m-"

I cut him off "Don't! You were the one who came home and had sex with who the fuck the knows who"

"We didn't have sex!! I did something for her but we didn't have sex" he exclaimed like that made it any better. "I just didn't know how to handle what happened so I thought that I should just get over it cause its obvious you don't like me!!"

When he said that I felt guilty. I never considered how he felt. What if he liked me and his flirting wasn't just careless flirting. So I said it.

"But I do."

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