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Hi this is trash and her favorite friend, trash.

I kid, I kid. This is #Jaya (Jayden and Maya but you already knew this bc majority of you claim to ship us. Which is interesting bc Maya and I would never work out. The most sexual person ever and the least are probably not the best combination.) (sidenote from Maya: shipping us as a brOTP probably makes more sense.)

Since Maya and I are literally obsessed with Cake oneshots, and are never not discussing them, we decided that hey, it was about time we write a book together.

Only we, the worst authors in the history of ever, had no clue what to do for a full length chapter fic. THUS (the powerpuff girls) A ONESHOT BOOK WAS BORN.

All of these ideas are entirely our own, and both of us will be working on all of them!

NOTE: Maya and I are very busy with multitudes of things. We have school. We have tasks outside of school. We have social lives to maintain (not really). We have our own individual pieces of writing and other arts to work on. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT US TO PUT ALL OUR TIME AND EFFORT INTO THIS BOOK, OR ANY BOOK, FOR THAT MATTER. THANKS.

Now that that's out of the way, we're both really excited to share our work with you guys, and hope you are too.

Love, Jayden and her bestest friend in the universe.

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