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Chapter 2: A frightening request.

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"I'd assume you've gotten everything sorted out?" questioned Blayze.

"Yes, Mr. Norman," Mr. James reassured, handing over the paper folder.

"That's good to hear. It's good to know you take your work seriously, and ideas on a solution?" asked Blayze as he flipped through the pages.

"Well sir, I do not believe the Carter family can pay us back anytime soon, with their sales versus their spending with personal matters, I don't believe that we can get even a reasonable fraction of our money back any time in the near, or distant future."

"Mr. James, what exactly are you saying? That we've just lost ten million dollars to our highest, advancing competitors? What could you possibly have in mind?"

"Well since, money isn't currently available, we'll have to go with non-price factors." Mr. James trailed off, suddenly feeling unsure about his idea.

"Yes, Mr. James go on," urged Blayze, suddenly interested in what could possibly amount to ten million dollars.

"Well, you see Mr. Carter has two daughters. When kingdoms have financial troubles, there will be a kind of agreement to join hands to strength the bonds between them. A marriage to be precise, prosperity would reign and their troubles would fix...." Mr. James recollected.

"Are you suggesting a marriage between I and one of Carter's daughters?" Blayze asked with a cool demeanour, catching on quite fast.

"The youngest is still in high school but his eldest is a beacon for the press. Not only will our company be shown in a more positive light than ever but also, when her father passes, you will be in part ownership of the inheritance. This can include a partial ownership of their business and more than the money they owe. Thereafter, you can do whatever suits you with the company plus you get to avoid having to pass through the strenuous court process of claiming back your money." Mr. James ended with an intake of breath. It was a last minute idea and there were no other options. Blayze wore a mask, and under it was the layer of questions: Is this really a beneficial fix? Is it even a viable solution?

"So you're saying that a marriage should amend his debt therefore furthering us by free advertisement, part ownership and inheritance? How are we sure they will agree to such an offer?" Blayze inquired.

"Well sir, if we bring in the facts, this is Mr. Carter's best option." Mr. James confidently replied. After staring at Mr. James for quite a while, Blayze took in a deep breath.

"Call and set up an appointment. I think this could possibly do us good Mr. James, well done."


"I'd assume you are well aware of the topic for today's meeting, correct Mr. Carter?" Blayze directed his question at the slightly shorter, middle aged man. His frosted hair framed his oval shaped face. His hazel eyes sat upon his slim, yet long nose, while his moustache laid underneath. It was merely both of the men in a boardroom that was meant for at least thirty.

"Mr. Norman, I'm not exactly sure what you speak of." Mr. Carter lied through his teeth. Blayze, tired of the time wasting small talk, handed the man a file containing the day's matter.

"So it seems that you and your company owe my company a rather plump sum of money. It's been years, yet absolutely none of it has been paid back. Not only do you owe the ten million, but the interest of it sitting in your care. Do you realise how much money that is, with a signed legal document binding you to this?" Blayze kept a professional tone, not letting personal emotion interfere. Although internally, he was boiling. How dare some scumbag try to take advantage of his father's goodwill?

"Mr. Norman, my company is still in a crucial state... I don't believe we will be able to give that kind of money now, or in the near future!" Mr. Carter exclaimed.

"I don't understand, how on earth are you possibly thriving as a company, yet unable to make simple payments back on a loan. I am not afraid to play repossession. I am well aware of the fact I have the opportunity to take your company for all it's worth and I am ready to take legal action on this matter, Mr. Carter," Blayze threatened. Their success shall not come from his downfall, that was one thing he was sure of.

"Mr. Norman, I'm not sure what I have to offer you, my company has no financial room to pay you back at this point," Mr. Carter defended some more.

"You read the contract, correct? The agreement was clearly stated, that is what you legally bound your name to." Blayze added determined to put him in the wrong.

"When I agreed to that your father was still in charge! He was benevolent and understanding. He fully understood the situation and how desperate we were!"

"So you took advantage of him!" Blayze snapped.

"Well, now it's different. He's not here and you will find a way to pay us back."

"What do you mean by that? I've explained that's next to impossible." Mr. Carter exasperatedly spoke. The atmosphere felt suffocating as Mr. Carter stared at Blayze trying to figure out what the greedy business man had in mind but it was hard to read his face as he had no expression on his face. His eyes on the other hand were cold.

"I shall take your eldest hand in marriage." Blayze finally blurted out and waited for a reaction from the elderly man. Mr. Carter's eyes slowly widened in surprise. His pulse slowly heightened at this new proposal.

"Not happening! No way am I going to put the life of my little girl in the hands of a cold hearted and self centred man like you!" Spat Mr. Carter.

"Don't flatter yourself Mr. Carter. I do not take any personal interest in your daughter. In fact, I know nothing of her other than the business benefits that comes with the union. But Mr. Carter, this cold hearted and self centred man is giving you the opportunity to redeem yourself and your company. You can either hand her over, or your company," Blayze reasoned.

"It's your choice. The deadline is the end of this week." Getting his stuff together, he stood to his feet. Blayze stretched out his hand to Mr. Carter for a simple business handshake but Carter looked from his hand to his face then shifted his eyes away from him entirely. He hated his new found position.

Blayze on the other hand wasn't the least bothered about the elderly man's emotion or what he thought of him. To him, this was just pure business and he was ready to go to the extremes to get what he wants.

"Very well Mr. Carter. Till we meet again." Blayze stated as he withdrew his hand before turning away to leave the room, his assistant following behind him.

Mr. Carter loved both his company and his daughter very much. He didn't want to give either of them up to the Devil himself. He didn't want to.

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