60- How Can You See Me? (Part 6)

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It's been a while , enjoy the last Part.


Neymar's POV*

"Do you think it has something to do with Love ?" Leo asked as we sat in my place as (y/n) went to get her list.

"No , Love isn't on my list." we heard her voice as she sat down next to me.

"Here" she said moving a light blue piece of paper into my hands.

"the paper floats " Luis said wide eyed.

"Don't mind him , it takes him longer than us to understand everything." Said Leo grinning at her.

"Why not Love?" I asked her.

"It's not on the list here. I never thought about falling in love when I was alive." She said low.

"And why that ? It's like every girl's dream to fall in love and marry and live happily ever after." I told her and Leo and Luis nodded in sync.

"Well not me. But I always wanted to have a my first kiss to be sweet ." she said as we looked over the list.

"you haven't got your first kiss yet ?" I asked her surprised .

"No , not even a boyfriend." she shrugged.

"How old are you actually ?" I asked her

"22 (imagine you're 22 :p) " I frowned wondering why she had been single.

"Well is there anything else on the list that could help us ?" Asked Luis.

"Nothing , I did all of these ." she sighed.

"Not your first kiss though." I told her .

"I think I have an idea ." Leo suddenly said.

"What is it ?" (y/n) asked.

"First Can you touch anything ?" Leo asked.

"No but I can make myself touchable for 20 seconds why ?" she asked.

"i think that having your first kiss will see you." he added.

She nodded starting to understand.

"You could have your first kiss with Neymar ." said Luis.

I looked at them both surprised but then understood.

"I will do that if you accept ." I said turning to her.

"do you ?" Leo and Luis asked in Sync.

"yes." she nodded looking at me.

"don't worry you won't feel feelings like a crush or like or love , since i' a ghost it's impossible." She told me.

"Wait that means we will forget about you after this ?" asked Leo worried.

"No you won't forget me , you'll always feel me in your hearts as someone who left something like family in you, you will see me in your dreams sometimes." she said smiling.

"What happens after the kiss ?" I asked her.

"I will fade during seconds , and when you can't see me anymore , it means it worked and i'm free." she explained.

"Are you guys ready to do this ?" asked Luis.

"I'm ready." she said.

"I'm ready." I nodded.

"(y/n) can you start ?" asked Leo.

"Let me concentrate , when I say okay it means we have less than 20 seconds to make it work."

I nodded and she closed her eyes tight.

"okay now ." she opened her eyes and looked at me .

I nodded and cupped her cheeks feeling her soft against my hands and planted my lips on hers kissing her softly.

We pulled away my hands still on her cheeks .

"3 , 2 , 1 " Counted Luis and then I felt nothing against my hands .

"did it work ?" I asked her .

"I think it did " said Leo looking at her leg.

"Oh my gosh ." she squeaked.

"does it hurt ?" i asked her urgently.

"no" she smiled.

Soon enough she was almost gone her arm and a bit of her upper body left.

"Thank you guys for everything you did for me , i'll never forget you." she smiled as she faded.

"Never " we said.

I reached out for her and she laid her hand above mine as it disappeared.

"see you soon " and that was it , she was gone just like that .

I looked down and the guys stood next to me.

"She's happy now." said Leo nudging me .

"Yeah , i'm happy for her." I said smiling.

"She'll always be with us." added Luis.

"Always." I nodded . (sorry had to.)


Done , now i can get back to my requests that I still haven't finished.






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