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Chapter One       

Project Blood Moon

My screams of pure terror echoed throughout the building as the Scientist injected me with the weird illuminating blue liquid. Three others attempted to hold my arms and legs down, preventing me from going into an outrage like last time, when I almost clawed out one of the Scientist’s guts. Yeah, really.

The pain shot through my body like an electrical current but this was much, much worse. The mysterious liquid burned through my veins, targeting my heart and brain with a stampede of agonizing torture. I could hear my brother’s screams crying back from the steel table beside mine. I wished for death now. I wanted death so much more than this ongoing pain. I just wanted it to end forever. I was so relieved when everything faded, the pain turned to numbness, and the screams became distant. I was going to be saved from them. Suddenly, a shock jumped my heart back to life, everything returning.

            “It’s back.” A distant voice said.

            “Good, we can’t afford to lose it just yet. It’s halfway there, almost complete.” A deep voice similar to the first replied. It? Now they call me an IT? I was furious but unable to move, to attack. The white lights in the room seemed more blinding than before. I felt a pair of cold hands lift me up, same as my brother. My body was limp, preventing me from fighting back.

The Scientist carried me through the double doors and down the long hallway leading to the steel door. His assistant pressed the code in the key pad and the door clicked open. We entered the huge, dim room filled with rows of prison cells. Cries and moans filled the room as the smell of decomposition almost made me gag.

They carried us down an aisle leading to our cell and brutally tossed us in like rag dolls. I heard them laugh at our misery as they walked back down the aisle. I made the effort to position myself so I could see my brother. He lay there in a weird position the Scientist threw him in. His wings were dull and lifeless, his skin was ghostly pale.

            “Slash, you ok?” I whispered, failing to do anything more.

            “Yeah, Kanine, I’m fine.” He replied weakly. “You?”

            “Can’t get any better.” I tried to smile but it hurt too much. He made the attempt to smile back, wincing. “You know they’ll be c-coming back in a little bit for the t-testing, right.”

            “Yeah, I know.” His voice faded. I knew he had fallen asleep. The injections always knock you out afterwards. I bet you’re confused, huh? I’ll explain; my twin brother, Slash, and I are Experiment Blood Moon, a project to turn innocent humans into unexplainable monsters.

Each week, they inject us with new, foreign DNA and each time, something changes us. When we were injected with panther DNA; we could see perfectly in the pitch dark. Bat; we received the ability of echolocation. Dolphin, could last underwater for hours without air. Eagle; we sprouted these strong, 13ft wing span. Tiger; grew deadly sharp, retractable claws. Wolf, could morph into large wolves and could communicate and understand each other through barks, whimpers, yaps, and howls. Cheetah; could run up to the speed of 75 mph.