I ❤ Montello High

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Hi people. So I'm here to express my love for Montello High. Pardon me for errors and typos. :) This is actually my first time.

I'm going to start from the very start. ( LOL, what?) I mean, I'm going to tell you how I discovered Montello High.

I was on facebook when I saw a post. He was asking for good stories that is UNPREDICTABLE. So I thought of Talk Back And You're Dead though I'm still not finished reading it. I recommended it to him. I checked the other comments and one said "Montello High" I thought "Montello High? sounds interesting" the title really caught my attention. It's very catchy. :)

So yeah, I surfed wattpad for Montello High and read its (ok, what do you call that?) bio? no. Ah! description! Let me repeat it again, So yeah, I surfed wattpad for Montello High and read its description. The description was like telling me "Read me! read me!" so obviously, I had no choice but read it.

The first chapter was already so exciting. What I was so excited about was the scene when the Black Government entered the cafeteria with their freaking cool and dark aura. It was so exciting. Like, I always feel this chills running up my arms everytime I read it. I had so many things in mind like the leader of the Black Government will like Summer or anything. (Ok, i'm typing non-sense things) don't blame me. That's what the other stories are always like. But I was so so so wrong. Everything I thought was wrong. Montello High is really unpredictable. I didn't know if Van likes Summer. Or Tres, or Makki, or anyone.

So anyway. As I kept on reading it, I didn't realize I've been addicted to Montello High. Ahh. It's so interesting. Gives me the urge to keep on reading.

Things I like about Montello High:

1. Ate Shiela's english skills. Dude, she knows english! I've completely lost all my blood. Her words are very unexplainable. Let me tell you all about myself. When I read other stories that has a major grammar problem, I lost interest. Hahaha. That's my perspective when it comes to reading. So with her english skills, I learned lots of new vocabularies. :) Thank you for that. :) Seriously ate, you're so awesome. Nung pinaulanan ni Lord ang earth ng awesomeness, you were awake!

2. The characters. Holy mother of cheese. I love the characters!!! The characters are very unique eh. Di katulad ng iba na parati mga korean. Medyo nagsasawa na ako sa mga paulit-ulit na korean faces na nakikita ko eh. (Yup, my own opinion. Chill there kpop fans) I love every character's trait. Van & Sebastian's evil side. Summer's sarcasm. Makki being a playboy. Tyler being an innocent cute kid. Everything! Well, I'm a kpop lover and my friends doesn't know that I also have a thing for west actors. Hahaha. And man, my crushes were all in the story. Andrew Garfield, Ben Barnes, Tyler Blackburn, Alex Pettyfer, and Lucas Till. Hotties! Aaahhh! I love them. Though I wished you made Josh Hutcherson a character too. He's hot too. Hahaha. And Summer, I can't seem to picture her as Briana Evigan. My mind pictures Summer as Jennifer Lawrence since I love her and her movie Hunger Games. I think she suits Summer more. ^_^ And dude, I love Summer's sarcasm. I love sarcastic people! I think they're cool. So I'm also sarcastic as ever.

3. The plot. I love the flow of the story. Everything is well aranged. Kaya d nakakahilo. The plot is really unique. I really love those sweet parts. Aahhh. Van is a sweet @sshole. XD And Jin! And Tres, I think I'm liking him. Hahaha. And now, I have a thing for gangsters. XD I love the story! I love the author! I love the characters! I love Montello High. In my opinion, Montello High is the best story! The best gangster story you'll ever read. Montello High replaced SDTG in my heart. Hahaha.

So yeah. Guys, if you don't know Montello High, you've missed half of your life so you better read it. Just click the External Link and poof! You're in Montello High. Better read it, people! It's amazing!

So to say it all in short, I LOVE MONTELLO HIGH.

Montello High is like a labyrinth. Once you enter it, you can never go back. :D It's just a limbo of life and death. (Told you I learned new vocabularies.)

Thank you for reading my oh-so-corny post.

I ❤ Montello HighBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!