Chapter 7 A rude interruption

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"What do you want Marcus?" I said with no emotion into the receiver. I was trying to steady my breathing without him noticing.

"Where the hell are you Addy?"

Damn it. He sounded really pissed. Why the heck did he care where I was?

"Why should I tell you? I don't owe you any explanation."

He laughed and then his voice got cold, "don't forget that you have a debt to pay off. I'm in charge of you for the time being, so damn it! Tell me where you are."

I clenched my fists and got up from my seat. "You know what, I've had enough of this bull crap! I Quit! I'll send you the money I owe you when I get it so leave me the hell alone!"

I pressed the end button and cursed. This situation started from bad to absolute chaos. I had to find somewhere to sleep tonight and it sure as hell would not be Marcus's home.

I grabbed my bag and dialed Jessica's number. She answered with a yawn.

"Hey babe.. What's up?"


~Marcus POV~

I chucked my phone at the couch not caring if it broke or not. Did she just hang up on me?

I ran a frustrated hand through my hair. "That girl..."

I felt something soft brush my leg. I looked down surprised to see a cat. I jumped back and tried to shoo him away.

"Get away fur ball. I don't need you to make anymore trouble for me."

The fur ball looked up at me and let out a small meow. I frowned and knelt down.

I scratched behind his ears and he purred in response. "What's wrong with your owner? Just leaving you here and not letting us know where she is..."

I got up and grabbed my phone. This woman was definitely going to get it. I went to grab my car keys when I had a sudden thought.

She'll have to come back sometime.. I mean she left that cat here.

I smiled and set my keys down. Time to wait her out. I leaned back into the couch and tapped my foot.

~Addison POV~

Jessica giggled when I told her about my week.

"Oh my gosh! You totally like him!"

I smacked her arm and watched her wince. "What the hell! I just told you I can't stand him."

She scooted away from my and hugged her pillow," yeah but you practically turned into tomato when you were describing his-"

I threw my pillow at her. "Shut up Jess! You're supposed to agree with me and tell me to never go back there again!"

She laughed and threw the pillow back at me. "What about your cat?"

My mouth dropped open at the realization. I slapped my forehead and jumped off the bed. "I'm so stupid! He must think I abandoned him. I'm such a horrible person!"

She shrugged and handed me my keys. I took them and screamed into the pillow in my hand. That made Jessica howl with laughter.

"Thanks for laughing at my misery",I mumbled.

She jumped off the bed and gave me a hug. "Good luck baby girl. It will be alright."

I smiled and hugged her back. She always made me smile in the worst situations.

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