Killer Kisses- Kayden & Sienna

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OMG I don't know why this had been accidentally UNPUBLISHED but here it is ;) Hope you guys enjoy!

 I can't wait to show Kayden what I have on right now.

Or to be more specific, what I don't have on.

Tendrils of exhilaration coil around me as I wait in anticipation for him to come back home. I haven't exactly been in the best of shape these couple of months, but I'm hoping that Kayden is willing to overlook that. He and I haven't been very... active these few weeks, and I hate his reasons behind it.

 Absolutely hate it.

I clutch the robe tighter around my body and lay on his bed—correction, our bed—as I count down the minutes until he comes back home.

Home. It's never really been a home without Kayden in it. After we had gotten back together, it took us quite a while to get where we are today. We were still struggling to solve what little issues we had.

      Sometimes, it isn't easy letting go of my anger. And sometimes, Kayden still gets lost in his past. But we have hope. I believe that Kayden and I can get through this. We wouldn't be who we are today without each other—and I make sure I thank him everyday for that.

I'm also grateful and proud of him that he hasn't bolted again like what he did last time. It's been almost a year since we got back together and he's still fighting for this. For us. Especially now more than ever.

He did keep his promise by saying that he was going to do everything he can to make this work. He did exactly what he said on the night of Brent and Evans's wedding reception—he quit fighting and he was going to focus on his studies. Right now, he's doing exceptionally well in his classes and I've never been more proud. I had been so inspired by him that I switched my majors. Now, I'm specializing in martial arts therapy.

It's a much better thing to do than history. I would miss stealing notes from Brent and making corny jokes with him but it's all for the best. I needed to do what I really wanted to do.

      I want to help people overcome their rage and devastation. I want to show them that fighting isn't all about getting aggressive and punching the shit out of someone. I want to show them that they don't have to thrive on their anger to get what they want. I want to help them to let go and show them what the true meaning of what it's like to be happy.

Because that's what I am now. Happy. I'm truly content with my life right now. Okay, scratch that. I'm mostly content with my life right now. I'm a little bit nervous of what's to come—because of a little incident that happened a few months ago.

I'd rather not talk about it now. I glance at the clock instead, watching the minutes tick by. Excitement crawls into my body as I hear the door rattle from outside.

He's here.

He takes a while to fiddle with the doorknob, but when he's finally through the door, I hear his footsteps in the living room. I place my legs on the floor and stand up, waiting to greet him. When he enters our room and sees me, he smiles.

"Hey, Lucky." He kisses me quickly on the lips.

"Hi," I say, grinning wildly. His eyes travel down from my face down to my body, then to my legs. When he finally realizes what I'm wearing, his eyebrows lift in confusion.

"What's this-?" Kayden takes a step back to take in my full form. "Is that—is that my robe?"

I nod quickly and gave him a small twirl. "My class ended early today and I decided to clean out your closet. Guess what I found."

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