Gay Awakening

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A one shot request from VoiceThief.

Request: Rape/molest/surprise romance between a nerdy boy and a tough popular boy who are best friends

Matt-nerdy boy
Riley-tough guy

Gay Awakening

Hey, Matt, wait up!" I hear a voice behind me yell. I turn around with my hands on my backpack straps and I see Riley, my best friend.

"Oh, hey Ri." I smile at him as he gets closer and walks beside me with a grin on his face.

"Do you realize what tonight is?" he asks while the grin on his face gets bigger. How could I forget what tonight is? It's a really important night for Riley. 

Tonights the last game of the football season and it will determine whether or not our team goes to the state finals.

"How could I forget? It's all you have talked about for the past week." 

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. You're coming tonight though right?"

"Do I have to?" I say with a groan. I hate school football games. It's just full of preppy cheerleaders and other students who like to make out the whole freaking game. Talk about gross and annoying. Hearing lips smack together does not make me happy.

"Please?" Hw gives me his beat puppy dog face and I melt instantly. He knows that I can't resist that look. I cave too easily.


"Yes! Sweet, I'll just pick up at like 6 so you can go get a good and close seat."

"Okay. Whatever."

He smiles and waves before dashing off in the direction of his class. I look around the hall and I can clearly see people staring at me weirdly. I just shrug it off though. I used to it by now.

People seem to find it very strange that a guy like Riley even talks to me. I am nerd boy while Riley is buff, built, and from what I've heard, gorgeous.

All of the girls are after him, while there is me who gets no girls. I really don't care though, and neither does Riley. He told me that he doesn't want a girlfriend at all. Hell, I don't think I've ever seen him with a girl. He's usually either with me, at home, or at practice. He's definitely a strange one.


The school day ends in a blur as I trudge home in the hot sticky weather. Usually I would get driven home by Riley but he had a final practice tonight before the game. I'll just see him when he comes to pick me up.

The time seems to fly by and before I know it, I'm sitting on the front porch waiting for Riley to arrive.

As I look down the street some, I see a red Grand Prix approaching my house. I smile when I see Riley sitting in the drivers seat with his shades on and the music blaring.

I run over to his car with a smile on my face. Pulling open the passenger door, I get in and pull the door closed behind me. I watch as Riley turns down the radio and tips his shades down slightly, looking me in the eye.

"Ready for some fun?"

"Football, yay." I say in a fake excited tone. He laughs and rolls his eyes before pushing his shades back on and pressing on the accelerator.

When we get to the football stadium, I can see all of the players cars parked and the band out on the field preparing themselves.

"Wanna go say hi to the guys?" Riley asks as we exit the car and walk towards the locker rooms.

"I guess." he nods and pushes open the door. All I can smell is sweat and deodorant when we walk in. Riley laughs at me as I sneeze from the smell. 

I am sensitive to smells and well, most things. I am allergic to dust, peanuts, hay, chalk, and a lot of other things. I also have asthma and bad allergies. Let's face it, I'm a hot mess. Expect, you can take out the hot part. 

I am anything but hot. I am as skinny as a pole, pale, short, and there is nothing special about me. I am known as nerd boy to most people, but I am called Matt by any others.

"What's up fellas?" Riley says as we approach the rest of the team. Most of them are in the middle of getting ready or talking, as usual. 

I take a seat on the bench in front of Riley's cubbyhole as he pulls out his uniform and gear.

"Hey Riley."

"And Matt." Riley adds in and the guys laugh and just dismiss what he says. My shoulders slump but I really don't care. I'm used to it by now. Nobody pays attention to me besides Riley and my parents.

"Don't pay attention to them." Riley says as he pulls up my chin and smiles. I smile back a little and nod. He stares into my eyes and I can see a look of adoration in them. It's just platonic of course. Neither of us could ever like one another. I'm straight and so is he, I think.


The crowd around me jumps and moves around with excitement clear in them as the game bears it end.

I clap my hands and hoot and hooker for Riley as I watch him move down the field with no problem at all. Riley is fast, really fast. Our teams star player of course.

"10, 20, 30 yards....touchdown!" the announcer says and the crowd goes wild. 


"Congrats." I say to Riley as I meet him at his car. He has a huge smile plastered on his face and it's nice to see that smile. He never smiles like that unless he is truly happy, which isn't a lot.

"Thanks." He says and gives me a man hug. I pull away and we hop in the car.

"Want to stay at my house? Movies, xbox, junk food?"

"Count me in." I nod and smile to myself. It's nice knowing that he will pick me over his friends on a Friday night, and after such am important event.

"My parents aren't home so it's just the two of us." I say as I unlock the front door and walk in with Riley on my heels.


"I'll grab the junk food I'd you want to head up to my room and shower real quick."

"Okay. See you in a few." I watch as he rushes up the stairs with his football bag on his shoulder.

Walking to the kitchen, I grab pop, chips, cookies, and some candy for the two of us. You gotta love junk food.

I close up the cupboard and trudge up to my room. Opening the door, I expect to find an empty room but Riley stands there shaking the water out of his hair with a towel around his waist. 

My jaw drops open as I spot a huge black and blue bruise on his back. Throwing the food on my bed, I rush over to Riley and run my fingers over the mark. I can faintly feel him shiver under my touch as he turns back around to face me.

"How dis that happen? That looks horrible!" I say in shock.

"Got tackled from the side during practice. No big deal." he shrugs his shoulders and slides a pair of boxers on underneath his towel.

"No big deal? Are you crazy, that bruise is huge Ri."

When I go turn him around, he catches my hand in his and stops me. Looking into his eyes, I feel a sort of pull between us. To be honest, it creeps the hell out d me, but do I move away from him? No. Why not? I truly don't know.

"Calm down. It's football. I'm bound to get hurt sounder or later. Thanks for caring though."
He hugs me real quick and corollas to get dressed. I shake my head and walk over to my TV, turning on my xbox.

"Ready to get your ass whooped yet again?" I say with a smirk and a laugh. Riley rolls his eyes and grabs the extra controller as he plops down on the bed next to me, laying down on his stomach also.


"You cheater!" I yell playfully at Riley as he kills me on the game and acts like he did nothing wrong. The asshole hid somewhere and waited until I, me specifically, came towards him.

He laughs and says,

"I did not cheat. I simply hid somewhere. I'm allowed. Its a free country."

He sticks his tongue out at me and turns his attention to the tv. Stupid butt munch. He knows that I hate when he hides in the game. Its not fair.

I push his shoulder with a playful grin on my face and he catches my hand. I see a mischievous grin appear on his face before he flips me onto my back and laughs evilly. Oh shit! I'm officially scared now.

"Pushing isn't nice Matty. You know that." He says in a playful voice. 

"I didn't push you. I simply shoved you. Now stop being a baby."

"I love when your bossy." I hear him mumble under his breath. I sit there with my breath being ragged and I almost freak out when he licks his lips and stares right at me.

"I didn't want to do this this way." He suddenly says and starts to move his head down towards mine. My eyes widen and  I move my hands up to push on his chest.

"Whoa, what the-" I am cut odd suddenly as Riley pushes his lips to mine forcefully but yet gently.

I push on his cheat and try to move his lips off of mine. I succeed only to have him move his lips to my neck. I try to pull his head away but fail as he traps my hands in his own.

I start to move my body all around to get out of his hold but I give up after a few minutes.

"Mmm, I've wanted to do this for so long." he murmurs against my skin and then it happens. I surprise myself as a moan escapes my lips and he sucks on the skin right by ear. Oh my damn, what the hell are we doing?! I'm not gay!

I don't push him away though. I hate to admit it but it feels good, and it shouldn't. He's a guy and so am I, but yet here I am moaning from his kiss? I am screwed in the head!

"Hmm, I love you." He says suddenly and this makes me snap out of it. Gaining strength suddenly, I pull my hands from his and push him off of me.

"Uh, let's get back to playing shall we?" He looks at me and studies my face before nodding. Talking about what just happened could ruin everything, and I can't lose my best friend.


The days go by and Riley and I are yet to speak again. After the sleep over, things become awkward between us and soon we stopped hanging out, talking on the phone, everything.

The longest we have gone without talking is a week and so far this time it's been almost 2 weeks. I feel so alone. Riley is my only friend and not talking to him is torture. If only that incident never happened.

When I pass him in the halls, our eyes meet and all I can see is loss and sadness deep within his. Bags are apparent under his eyes and this worries me. I can tell that all of this is really messing with him, just like it is me.

I can't get the thought of his lips on my neck our of my mind. It was wrong, but it felt so right an it shouldn't have. I'm not gay, at all. I think.

I have never doubted my sexuality before up until now. If I think about it, I've really never  even felt a pull or any attraction to a girl before, but yet I feel that with Riley. Am I gay? I hate to admit it, but I might be. 

This is screwing with my head too much. My grades have even started to slip up. I got my first D the other day in a test and I almost had a panic attack. This is not normal for me. I need to be myself again, but I'm afraid that the only way I'll get that back is by doing the heart stopping thing; admitting to myself that I am gay. I hate it, but it's the truth. The fact that I can't get Riley out of my mind proves that. He is the only thing I can think about now.


"Hello and welcome to the 21st state finals between the Key West Gators and the Orlando Sea Hawks." The announcer says in the loud speaker as I take my seat in the stadium. 

Tonight is the state finals for the football team and it's going to be a great night, I can already tell.

My eyes stay glued to Riley the whole game. I can clearly see that he isn't focused in the game for most of it, until the unthinkable happens. 

The ball flies into his hands from the 50 yard line and he stands shell shocked for a moment. The crowd goes silent and I bite my lip and almost chicken out. I stand up and shout loudly,

"Let's go Riley! You can do this!" He looks up at me in shock at the fact that I said something to him. I stand there with a smile on my face and give him a thumbs up. I hear the crowd behind me start to cheer his name and then he's running, Running like lightning towards the end zone.

I jump up and down with excitement and cheer loudly for him, yelling out his name as loud as I can.

My eyes widen when he jumps into the end zone and the crowd goes wild with happiness.

All of the football players run and surround Riley as they hoot and holler with there helmets held up in the air. 

I watch as they all celebrate and then I spot Riley out of of the blue of people. I watch as he pushes his way out of them and walks with his head down.

Standing up with a huge grin plastered on my face, I run down the bleachers and onto the field.

"Riley!" I yell his name and he looks up in shock. A smile appears on his face and he slowly jogs towards me, dropping his helmet in the process. 

This is it. It's either now or never.

Running towards him, I watch him open his arms for me and then I am lifted up and infinite grip.

"I love you." I say before pressing my lips onto his with everything in me. I hear people gasp from all around us but I ignore it and move my lips with his.

Now this feels right this time. I feel loved.

He sets me down on my feet with his hands around my waist and mine around his neck.

"I love you." I say again and watch him give me his 100 watt smile with all of his teeth showing.

"Really? You won't freak out again?"

I nod my head and say,

"Really and no. I know now that I love you. It just took me this long to realize it."

"I love you so much." He says and then his lips connect themselves to mine once again. I move mine with his and then we both pull away, hugging one another as close as possible.

I guess being gay isn't that bad after all. I'm not afraid to admit that I, Matt Lancer, love my best friend.

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