Gay Awakening

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A one shot request from VoiceThief.

Request: Rape/molest/surprise romance between a nerdy boy and a tough popular boy who are best friends

Matt-nerdy boy

Riley-tough guy

Gay Awakening

Hey, Matt, wait up!" I hear a voice behind me yell. I turn around with my hands on my backpack straps and I see Riley, my best friend.

"Oh, hey Ri." I smile at him as he gets closer and walks beside me with a grin on his face.

"Do you realize what tonight is?" he asks while the grin on his face gets bigger. How could I forget what tonight is? It's a really important night for Riley. 

Tonights the last game of the football season and it will determine whether or not our team goes to the state finals.

"How could I forget? It's all you have talked about for the past week." 

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. You're coming tonight though right?"

"Do I have to?" I say with a groan. I hate school football games. It's just full of preppy cheerleaders and other students who like to make out the whole freaking game. Talk about gross and annoying. Hearing lips smack together does not make me happy.

"Please?" Hw gives me his beat puppy dog face and I melt instantly. He knows that I can't resist that look. I cave too easily.


"Yes! Sweet, I'll just pick up at like 6 so you can go get a good and close seat."

"Okay. Whatever."

He smiles and waves before dashing off in the direction of his class. I look around the hall and I can clearly see people staring at me weirdly. I just shrug it off though. I used to it by now.

People seem to find it very strange that a guy like Riley even talks to me. I am nerd boy while Riley is buff, built, and from what I've heard, gorgeous.

All of the girls are after him, while there is me who gets no girls. I really don't care though, and neither does Riley. He told me that he doesn't want a girlfriend at all. Hell, I don't think I've ever seen him with a girl. He's usually either with me, at home, or at practice. He's definitely a strange one.


The school day ends in a blur as I trudge home in the hot sticky weather. Usually I would get driven home by Riley but he had a final practice tonight before the game. I'll just see him when he comes to pick me up.

The time seems to fly by and before I know it, I'm sitting on the front porch waiting for Riley to arrive.

As I look down the street some, I see a red Grand Prix approaching my house. I smile when I see Riley sitting in the drivers seat with his shades on and the music blaring.

I run over to his car with a smile on my face. Pulling open the passenger door, I get in and pull the door closed behind me. I watch as Riley turns down the radio and tips his shades down slightly, looking me in the eye.

"Ready for some fun?"

"Football, yay." I say in a fake excited tone. He laughs and rolls his eyes before pushing his shades back on and pressing on the accelerator.

When we get to the football stadium, I can see all of the players cars parked and the band out on the field preparing themselves.

"Wanna go say hi to the guys?" Riley asks as we exit the car and walk towards the locker rooms.