Credit to Lim Heng Swee for the picture used in the cover. Design by me :)

I'm really excited to write this story because for me, I think it has a very interesting plot... :) Btw, this is still not fully edited, so there will definitely be mistakes here. I'm practicing on write in present tense in this story so I'm really sorry if you find any change of tenses (I'm used to writing in past tense).

@AminaCx will be the editor of this story until the end so I really wanna thank her for doing this. I know how editing can be such a hard time (I had the chance to become the Feature Editor of our school newspaper for one school year) so I really, really appreciate her hard work! Thank you so much Amina! :)

Also, I'd like to thank you so much for deciding to read this and I hope you'll enjoy Voiceless as much as I enjoy writing it! <3

Renma :)


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