Chapter XX: Confession

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Philippines continue to amaze me. I heard a song entitled 'Buko' yesterday and since it was tagalog for coconut (I love coconuts), I thought it would be a song about it, but then as I heard the lyrics, I realized it's not about coconuts at all because it is kind of pretty serious and serenade-ish. Then my good old cousin (which name I used as my lead female character), told me Buko is an abbreviation of the two words 'Buhay' and 'ko' which means my life. :))) who would have thought coconut will be a term of endearment? 

Anyways I also heard a perverted song entitled 'Banana' yesterday. And as far as bananas connotations go, it definitely can be perverted.

Btw, thank you for the 35,000+ reads, you are all so awesome! :)))


Lance squeezed Andrea's hand for the last time and let it go. They have talked about telling her parents the night before and Andrea was excited and confident about it, but as they walk towards the front porch of Andrea's childhood home, he could feel her reluctance. 

Or is it me?, he thought. 

"I'll ring the bell," he announced in cool, and for him, surprising manner to which Andrea nodded to with a well put straight face. 

After a minute of waiting for someone to get the door, it opened, revealing a surprised Pamela wearing a black-and-white knee length dress with tulip sleeves. 

"You should have just come in," she said as she moved to her daughter and gave her a hug. 

He noticed Andrea froze a little but recovered and gave her mom the hug with the same intensity. 

"Well, come in," Pamela ushered the two, positioning herself between them and guided them to the living room. 

"I never expected you two coming, in the middle of the week, what a surprise," Pamela gushed as they sat down on the elegant cream and white colored couches. 

Lance sat beside Andrea, a very unsuspicious move considering he always sit beside her. 

"I'm ordered to stay away from work for the week while my papers are processed for promotion," Andrea finally spoke. 

Pam clapped her hand together, "Promotion? This early? Wow... That's fast," Pamela said. 

And suspicious, Lance thought. 

"Yep," Andrea nodded. 

Pamela looked at Andrea for quite a bit longer then, averted them to Lance, "What about you, old man?" she said with a teasing tone. 

Lance rolled his eyes. Trust Pamela to remind him he is in fact old and not fitting for her daughter. 

"I just want to get away from work for a while," Lance said with a staged smile. 

Pamela smiled back, "Well, aren't we all?," she said, gesturing with her hands. 

"By the way, Victoria's engaged," Andrea suddenly changed the dying topic. 

Pamela's eyes widened, "When's the wedding?" she asked, her interest piqued. 

"No date yet but the engagement party will be at her parents' house here in Beverly on Friday," Andrea informed. 

Pamela smiled, "That's fantastic," she said with genuine happiness in her face. 

"Where's Simon?" Lance inquired, cutting the women's conversation. 

Pamela rolled his eyes to him, "He'll be here in an hour. Would you like some snacks?" she asked. 

Andrea smiled sheepishly, "Chocolates, please," she said. 

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