Chapter Two::Robb Stark

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The sun was warm against her exposed skin, making a small smile grace Raina's mouth for a brief moment before it faded again. She was unsure as to how long it had been since she'd left home, counting it as 10 days and 9 nights, but it could have been less or more for all she knew. She'd passed through a few villages, and seen the odd farm house in the middle of some fields where she'd managed to get some scraps of food and water, but didn't dwell long as she felt she was still too close to Deepwood Motte, and thought that if she were to stay then she'd be found or handed in by the local people. She wasn't prepared to risk it so she continued south, hoping to come across somewhere familiar, or at least somewhere safe. She was tired, lonely and scared - not scared of being caught, but scared of where she would end up. She had considered that if she was found, by whoever, the outcome may be substantially worse than if she had just stayed at home. 

Whilst wondering through a large field, Raina's mind fell to her brothers. She knew Delvin had gone to King's Landing a few years back, but knew that her eldest brother Finn went to fight for Robb Stark, the Kind in the North. She had imagined coming across her brother, and dreamt that he could keep her safe from their demon father, but considered then that it was unlikely, and even if she did somehow stumble onto a Stark camp, she would likely be taken to a cage and left to rot. As well, her appearance was not how her brother would remember her, her blond hair now being dark and short, looking more like a wet rag than the beautiful locks she had once possessed; it was likely her brother would not even recognise her, not even if he fell on top of her. And how she would explain her presence to a Stark soldier she did not know, guessing that they'd see her as a threat rather than an ally of sorts, House Glover being sworn to House Stark would have no baring on her survival, as she did not look like a Glover, nor did she have any proof that she was. The only possessions she had on her person was a simple dagger and the clothes on her back.

Whilst thinking of her brothers, Raina began to remember Robb Stark. They had once been good friends, having known each other since a young age when their families would visit each other, and the children would run wild. She had, even as a child, taking a liking to the Stark boy who was now a king. She could remember back to when they would flirt with one another, Robb would snatch kisses from her when he'd beaten her in a fight, and she would taunt him to no end. It was a beautiful relationship, she had thought, but things got more serious with age, Robb was to inherit Winterfell when is father came to pass, and he was to marry a respectable woman and continue the Stark line; and Raina was to marry a lord, bare children and form an alliance with her house and whatever house she would marry into. Their lives became planned and all of a sudden they had no time to play hide and seek, or flirt with one another. Instead they were both far too busy to even think of the other's house, or think of the times they'd shared together; and so they faded apart, not seeing each other for several years now. Raina would occasionally think back to those times, the times when things were so easy and playful. How, when she was younger Robb Stark was her prince in shining armour, come to take her away to a magical place where they could live happily for the rest of their days. She would dream of Robb whenever she was in a particularly depressing mood, she would let her imagination loose and dream of all the things her and Robb would have done had life not gotten in the way.

She wondered whether Robb was still the same, or whether war had made him darker and a different man, whether his father's death had caused him to become more cold-hearted and less playful. She couldn't imagine a Robb that was anything like that, but knew it could happen to the happiest of men. That is what happened to her father, after all.  She could remember back to when her father was a nice man and would spend every waking moment he could with his children, loving them and playing with them all of the time. How she had loved those days, when her and her siblings would spend endless hours with their parents doing nothing in particular, just having fun and being together. That was enough for them. They didn't need to go exploring or be doing anything to have a pleasant time together, they only needed each other. That also changed with age, the older the children got the more independent they were and the less they wished to spend time with one another. Their parents too became more focused on the children's futures than the children themselves, and so they also drifted apart, living together but not truly living as a family. After their mother passed,  Delvin left and things became worse, and it wasn't long before Finn had run off as well, leaving the two girls who were to be married off in no time. Clearly Raina was to be offered up first, thus why her engagement to Ramsay Bolton had come about so soon, before her sister had even been married. This hadn't been her father's intention, he had suggested Ramsay take Esme, the eldest of his daughters, as a bride instead of Raina, but Ramsay said Raina was prettier, and the one he desired; in turn her father handed her over in an instant, not caring that he was selling his youngest daughter, his princess, to in return gain a couple of men for his army. Raina had seen the man her father had truly become, knowing that her mother's death had caused such a monster to emerge in him, leading them all to this event.

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