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"I win!" Chimed the boy, pointing his sword downwards and holding it at the girl's throat. The girl growled in frustration, kicking at the boy's waist and knocking the sword away from her neck. "You wish!" She smirked, gripping the handle of her own sword and holding it up again whilst standing, ready for another fight. Chuckles resonated from both children as they continued with their fighting, managing to get as filthy as possible before they finished for the day. The session ended with the girl poised on top of the boy, who had been swiftly brought to the ground, perched on his lap whilst holding her dull blade to his chin. "Any last words?" She asked, pretending to be as threatening as possible. "This isn't over!" The boy argued, flinging his sword into the mud and rolling the two of them over so that he hovered over her. Her smirk vanished at this action and appeared on the boy's face as he inched closer to her. Practically lying on top of her, their lips a mere inch apart, he looked into her dark green eyes and whispered, "I still won." Having lost the will to argue, the girl sighed and began to fidget underneath him. "Not so fast," He hummed, holding her wrists down with both his hands. "I think i deserve a prize," His smirk grew as he watched her confused expression. "I think a kiss is a good enough prize," He continued, eyes sparkling as he watched the blush crawl onto the girl's face. "Not a chance," She replied, only to be interrupted by a pair of soft lips on hers. The moment didn't last long, but it was good enough for the boy, who suddenly climbed off the girl looking very proud of himself.

"Will you two stop fooling around, it's sickening," Theon yelled from a nearby bench, covering his eyes with his hands. Robb chuckled, offering a hand to Ray whom he'd left lying on the floor in shock. Ray had never liked Theon, it was only because of Robb that she put up with him following them around like a lost puppy "Shut up!" Robb shouted back, his smirk still evident on his face. Ray took his hand, allowing him to pull her off the floor and to her feet. He was strong, she hated to admit it but he was, and handsome and charming and...the list went on in her mind until Theon caught her attention again. "Looks like you've got her speechless," The irritating boy yelled, his smug face annoying Ray despite the words he spoke. "Don't make me hit you!" She replied, glaring at Theon who merely pulled a face as a reply. "Ignore him," Robb whispered, his hot breath hitting Ray and causing her stomach to knot. She hated the effect Robb had on her, even at 14 she was sure they had a connection of some sort, and him teasing her did not help that feeling. Ray nodded, unable to talk anymore, and snatched the sword Robb held out to her. "This isn't over," She winked, before sauntering off in order to return the sword to it's rack. Robb stood frozen in place, watching the girl whom he was head over heels for, just walking away, leaving him speechless.

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