Chapter 2

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I returned back to the mansion the next morning and stopped at the gate where a security guard waited. "Why, look who it is. The Widow has returned," he bowed mockingly. I had never been married and frankly, wasn't interested. I got the name because usually my only targets were men who were married, which made their wives widows.

"I wouldn't make fun, Ray," I warned. He was such an arrogant person! I hated him. I wished he didn't have a place in the mafia at all. He acted as if my job was an easy one. I knew he would be killed in a second if he took on one of my missions, and he did, too. Still, he chose to be an ass about it.

"Oh, why not, Princess?" Ray teased. He called me that because he believed I got "special treatment." I was paid more...

"You're just jealous because you only get called on for small jobs like a bar tender or prostitute," I smirked. His idiotic smile dropped. He opened the gate and I began walking in when he slapped my rear. My lip twitched and I stopped.

I turned around, kicked him in the gut, and elbowed him in the back while he was hunched over. He fell to the ground and I dug my heel into his back. "I can snap you like a twig, Ray, and don't you forget it," I spat, and then walked inside.

Everyone nodded to me as I passed. I was highly respected there, with the exception of Ray. They knew not to mess with me unless they wanted to be my next target. Well, with the approval of Lord Martin Farr, my boss. He was the leader of the mafia and owner of Farr Confectionaries and Farr Foods. Stupid names, I know, but they were well known.

I opened the door to his office without knocking. I didn't have to. "Earl Alfred Palmer has been killed," I announced, letting the doors shut behind me. I actually had no idea why he needed to be killed. There was no reason to know. Useless information had no place in my mind. I only killed and took the money. I did know that these people owned companies that were huge rivals against his. That was enough for me.

"Good, Widow!" Martin praised. Also, my name is not Widow. It's only my assassin nickname. Plus, it sounds very similar to my real name. Everyone still chooses to call me it, though. I don't think too many people actually knew my real name. It didn't bother me much, I suppose.

Martin Farr was British. No other race was in him, as far as I knew, and he always stated how proud he was to be a pure blood Brit. It was quite obnoxious, actually. Especially since I knew I was part Italian and he liked to make fun of them. He was in his forties with thinning blonde hair and blue eyes. I was simply thankful he wasn't a pervert.

He set the sack of money on the desk. The pay was £700. I always got paid pretty well for my jobs, but it still depended on the difficulty. I snatched it off his desk and began walking out, waving, "Call me when you need me."

"I have another job for you," he told me. I whipped around and saw he was serious.

"Already?" I raised an eyebrow. I only took on the hardest jobs. No simple killer could easily do the type of things I did. I had a gift and everyone knew it. There was usually a month between jobs, more or less. One after another... well, that just didn't happen.

"This one is going to be your hardest yet, I can promise you that," he swore. I was now intrigued and stepped closer, nodding for him to go on. "The Earl has a skilled force surrounding him at all times. It's small, but they can kill anything and anyone. I've never seen such a thing! Usually, I would only have you kill the Earl, but his butler is the major problem. I've heard he can kill someone by just looking at them!"

I rolled my eyes, "Rumors are just rumors."

Martin shook his head, "No, not this time. I've heard too many horrific stories. You must kill the Earl and the Head Butler."

I shrugged, "Sounds easy to me."

He added, "I also want you to stick around for a few months. Just to see if you can find out anything about his company and see if his servants train. I want you to teach the others how they fight so they can get better." I didn't like the other people. Why would I want to help them?

"I'm not going to watch them for months! And how am I supposed to observe their fighting when they probably don't just practice outside?" I demanded, angry at such a stupid idea. When I saw the look he was giving me, I knew I wasn't going to like it.

"You're going to get a job there," he explained.

"Oh, no! That's a job for a spy, not an assassin. I won't do it," I declared and began walking out again. He knew only one way to get me to do something I didn't want to.

"I'll double what I just paid you!" he exclaimed, and I heard his chair scoot back as he stood up.

"Not going to happen," I shot down, but walking a little slower.

"I'll triple it!" he offered sounding in a panic.

"Not worth it," I shook my head. I was at the doorway.

"Four times is as high as I'll go," Martin said, sounding defeated now. I stopped and turned around.

I questioned, "You'll pay me £2,800 just to kill two people?" He nodded and gulped. I thought about it for a second. That was a hefty price for only two people. What were a few months going to do to me anyways? It sounded easy enough.

"What are their names?" I smirked, accepting the final offer.

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