The first shade- Teasing

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You fucking hated the fact Joe was teasing you. All week he'd been flipping his hair, wiping his t-shirt on his head, showing his abs and snaking his hands around you waist. Today you wanted to show him exactly how to tease porperly.

You sit on the sofa, Joe next to you on the phone to caspar, who was in LA with some slut he'd picked up on the underground last week. At first you just lay on his lap and he smiles, pushing his hand through your hair. As he doesn't react, you sit up. You begin palming him through his trousers. He stares down at you a little angry but then you notice him getting hard and he bites his lip to stop moaning. He puts the call on hold.

"y/n stop it!" He growls. He goes back to the call and you stop for five minutes. Then you undo his belt and pull down his trousers. He watches you, pretending to be angry but you can see how eager he is. You palm him again and this time he bites his shirt so he doesn't moan. You kiss his V-line and pull of his pants. His dick is erect so you pump it up or down. A small moan escapes his mouth.

"Caspar i'll uh talk later." You see his eyes flash.

"Right y/n it's time for you to apoligise and make it up to me." That turns you on. He picks you up and you rap  your legs around his waist. He throws you onto the bed and opens up his wardrobe to reveal three bandanas. He grabs your wrist asnd ties it to the bed frame using the blue bandana, tied my head up with the red one so icoukdn't see a thing, and then after hearing him whisper 'It will all be okay princess,' he gags your mouth with the black one your helpless, he could do anything.

He slips of your top and bra and sucks on one nipple and massages the other one. You have to keep silent but its killing you slowly. He then takes of your leggins and pants and turns you over, your arm twisted because of the bandana round your wrists.

"This is what bad girls get" He whispersin your ear. You nod slowly. He spanks your ass once lightly, then as you squirm harder and harder, until you can feel the prints of his hands growing on your ass.  He flips you back on your front and takes of your gag.

"Wet already princess. Beg for it Baby," He chuckles.

"Joe fuck me, finger me do something because I need you," You moan.

"Call me daddy."

"DADDY" you practically scream. He places one finger inside of you, while he whispers to be quiet in your ear. Two and you moan a little.

"Does princess want another spank?" He whispers quietly licking and biting your ear. You feel him grab you and pick you up. Joe smashes you against the wall. He deep thrusts into you repeatadly over and over. You practically scream out. He takes off your blindfold and cuffs.

"Your turn sweet cheeks." You pump him up at down going so hard you can barely see your hand.

"Now i'm gonna fuck you so you can't walk," He grins licking your cheek slowly. He pushes himself into you until you both hit your climax. As he pulls out you fall down.

"Your right about me not walking..." You breath.

"I'm so sorry love," He pulls you up and helps you into bed. You smile.

"Learnt your lesson?" He asks smiling.  You nod.

"I'm gonna interupt more phone calls."

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