Chapter 19

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Dani watched as Simon fell back completely, his hands covering his face. She stood up and kicked the whiskey bottle out of reach.

"Simon, what are you saying?" Dani nudged his leg. "Are you saying Molly really is a murderer?"

Dani watched him slowly move his hands to rest on his stomach, "That's right. Molly the murderer killed Sarah. Do you want to know how she did it?"

"Only if you want to tell me," Dani said carefully.

"Sarah was sick. She was dying dammit! I couldn't afford all her bills. All those damned medical bills. So I did what I had to do."

"What did you do?"

Simon began slapping his forehead, "The only thing someone like me could do. I'm not smart. I don't have a degree. All I have are my looks. A friend of mine told me about this club where women would pay for men to take them out on dates."

"Like an escort service?" Dani asked, slightly appalled. "Is that how you met Molly? She used an escort service?"

He gave a drunken nod and flashed a satisfied smile, "I knew she wanted me the minute she laid eyes on me. Roving over me like she was imagining what sex would be like between us. Molly is the type of woman who gets what she wants."

"And she wanted you?"

"Enough to kill for me."

Dani couldn't help but think Simon was focusing a bit too much on his desirability, "So you went on a date with Molly even though you were married?"

"It wasn't a date! It was work. I had to do it," Simon choked back a sob. "Sarah's medical bills were too high for me to handle. I needed money."

"I still don't understand how this makes Molly a murderer," Dani said, a pensive expression on her face.

"Molly's loaded. She kept tempting me try and sleep with her for a bonus. I told her I didn't do that. That I wasn't some damned male prostitute!"

Dani watched as Simon groaned and his whiskey enabled tears began to flow, "I didn't want to betray Sarah...but she was so sick."

Dani waited for him to continue.

"The first time, I was drunk. The second time was easier but I felt so dirty. I didn't want to see Sarah after that. I was so afraid she'd see through me. That she'd know what I had done. I even started to feel as though the nurses were giving me dirty looks when I tried to visit the hospital. I'd get to the floor she was on and then turn around. I'd leave without seeing my wife...I was so ashamed."

Dani stayed quiet. She couldn't give her customary, "I'm sorry to hear that." She never condoned cheating under any circumstance.

"Molly kept pressuring me to divorce Sarah. To marry her and make it official."

"What about Sarah and her medical bills?"

Simon laughed again, "She offered to keep paying them. What kind of murderer does that?"

Dani was wondering the same thing.

"One day I finally decided to cut things off with Molly. I'd sell my organs if I had to but I'd had enough. That's when it all happened. I went to her room but she wasn't there. Sarah was missing. I asked the nurse who said she went to the stairwell. My phone rang and it was her. She was crying. She wanted to know who the woman was that I was sleeping with."

"Oh no," Dani felt her hands cover her mouth in shock.

"She found out everything. I tried to deny it. Even as I ran up the stairs, listening to her crying about how she had nothing to live for...I denied it. She didn't believe me. She said she was told everything," Simon wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. "I got to the roof and I saw her on her cell phone. She was on the ledge and I swear I would've done anything...said anything...just to get her to forgive me. I cried out her name and she dropped her cell phone. She looked back. I ran forward to try and stop her."

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