nathan sykes imagine :)

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imagine living with nathan. you was skyping in the spare room with your old school friend who was male. you was best friends with him and really close, but he was gay but he had only told you. after you had finished which was about 1 hour later, you carried your laptop out with you, nathan was walking down the hall, he said to you "so you've finished talking to him then" in a really moody way, you said back "yeah, why" nathan said back to you "seem like you've got another boyfriend" you reply to him "your the only guy for me nath, and me and jack are only friends" he turns around and shouts " i find that hard to believe Y/N" and storms out the flat. 

it was about 6 so knowing nathan you thought he had just gone to a club like he normally would. but you was still sad, you changed into your pj's and sat on the sofa, watching some tv. when a tear came down your face. you started to cry becuase nathan had shouted at you and thought you was cheating on him. it was getting late, and you was getting tired so you went to bed.

the next morning you woke up, and nathan still wasnt home, you checked the whole flat and he wasnt anywhere, not even outside. so you thought he had went to the boys flat. you woke up and the news paper had come in. nothing really intresting till you looked at the front, normally you would just put it in the bin, but this time. you unfolded it, to see on the front the title "sykes snogs slut" and there was a picture of him snoging a girl, but it was full on. tongues and her hands down his pants. your eyes filled with tears because thats where he would be, with her. you read the article it said "nathan sykes from the wanted was seen alone in a night club last night. snoging a girl. but it seem to get too hot for public, when he was seen leaving the club with her, and he couldnt keep his hands of her" you chucked the newspaper and ran into your room. crying. you called jack, telling him and jack couldnt believe it. but you heard someone come into the flat so you hanged up. it was nathan because you heard him pick the newspaper up and then flop it down. he walked into the room. looking sorry he said " Y/N i know you've seen the pictures, but please let me explain, im so sorry, please let me explain baby" you look at him, and said to him "i think the pictures explained it well enough nathan" he said to you "no they didnt, this is the truth, i was at the bar, by myself and that girl, had put something in my drink, just to get into my pants, she told me this morning, she said sorry, she didnt know i had you, i told her that i loved you, and she feels bad, but i feel worst, was shouted at you, made you cry then went out drinking, but then slept with someone. i cant remember it, but she told me we did. but please forgive me, i love you and i will never hurt you again. im so sorry. do you believe me?" you just sat there, tears coming from your face. he walked over to you, hugging you tight and said "im sorry, how can i make it up to you. you believe me right?" you said to him "i dont even know what to believe anymore nathan" and ran out of the flat, he followed you but didnt go outside the flat, he knew you would return.

later that day you finally go back, its dark, and you was getting cold. you open the flat door, to see tons of candles all over the floor, with a path way of roses for you to follow, you smile. you follow the pathway and it leads to the dinner table, nathans sitting there, he had cooked your favorite food and had a candle on the table, he stands up. walking over to you and said "im so sorry, and im never going to do it again, i promise, i love you and only you and i want to show you that, your the only girl for me and i love you" he holds his hand out pointing it to the chair. you walk over and sit down. he smiles and sits too. you had talked with him. and he explained, but you still wasnt sure you said to him "but nath, if i skype jack again you'll go do it again, how do i know you wont do it again" he said to you "jack told me he was gay, im sorry, and i love you. and i wont do it again, please trust me" then he walks over to you, gets on one knee and gets a box from his pocket out, opens in at a ring inside the box is looking at you. he said "this is how i will show you, because i want you and only you, i love you so much, i dont know what i would do without you, i love you Y/N. will you marry me"  you looked shocked, the ring is amazing. you finally say "yes nathan, i will" he picks you up and hugs you, swinging you in the air. blowing all the candles out. he turns the lights on. puts the ring on your finger and says, "i love you" then kisses you. you had missed his kisses, and you kissed him back. the he grabbed your hand and pull you up to your bedroom. chucks a top of his at you, and his sexy time hat and says "get changed into this" and winks at you. 

you've got changed and you walk back into the room. he looks at you and says "wow, you look even sexier in my clothes than i do" the he grabs your waist from behind, pulling you onto the bed, you landed on top of him and he said "night baby, i love you" and you both fall asleep in each others arms.