Never say the word Injun around one

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The Injuns didn't allow me wear my normal clothes, so they made me wear their clothes which is buckskin. I hate it already. I am not one of those proper ladies who wear skirts all the time,though. I'm just not use to buckskin. I eventually will have to. 

That first night, I slept alone in the tent. Thank goodness that man didn't sleep in the same tent as me. In the morning, the man roughly woke me up to come eat. I didn't eat anything though. I can't trust these Injuns right now.

"Stubborn girl." The familiar man shoved a plate of corn and eggs at me. "You need to eat. Do you want to die?" he asked me. 

I didn't look at him. I would rather die. 

I heard the man sit down and grab the plate. I looked over to see what he was doing, but then he roughly grabbed my waist and sat me in between his legs. I squirmed and tried to get out of his tight grasp with no avail. 

"You will eat!" he shouted and took the spoon of food and shoved it in my mouth. I tried spitting the food out but he held a hand over my mouth. 

When I swallowed, the man kept me in his grasp and fed me until all the food on the plate was finished. 

I got out of the man's grasp when he started to stand up. 

"You are not going to stay in this tent all day. You will come out and meet my people," he told me. 

I huffed. "And if I don't want to?" 

The man threw his head back and laughed. "Well, you should know by now what we're going to do if you don't obey." 

 I didn't answer and looked away. Of course I knew what they were going to do to me. 

"At least tell me your name," I unexpectedly blurted out to him. 

The man turned and looked me right in the eyes. I forgot he had such bright, blue eyes...

"Russell," he said, bringing me out of my thinking. 


"Is there something wrong with my name, Brooklyn?" 

I crossed my arms over my chest. "And what's wrong with my name? Why say it the way you did?" 

Russell laughed. "I have heard many white woman named that." 

I snorted. "So what if my name is common? Your name is Russell. You are an Injun! Why not have a traditional name?" 

What happened next was fast. One second I'm sitting on the floor, the next I'm on my back and Russell's hands were wrapped around my throat. 

I thrashed and desperately tried getting out of that chokehold. 

"Stop!" I managed to shout. That only made his grasp on my neck tighten. 

I started seeing black dots in my vision and I was quickly getting scared. I was going to die. I panicked and started scratching at his arms. Nothing. His grasp didn't loosen. 

In a few seconds, I blacked out. 


This is for the people who think I've stopped on this. I'm sorry:/ Just been awfully sick but I love you all soooo much 

<3 Lesley 

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