Truth or dare? - Niall Horan

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'Come on Niall!' Louis screamed. Everybody was drunk and you could smell it very well. We were playing a game of truth or dare. It was Niall's turn. 'I'll go for truth.' Niall smiled. 'Which girl in this room would you date?' Louis said curious. 'Which kind of boring question is that? But I'll go with Mikala.' Niall winked at me. My mouth fell wide open. Me! Niall was the most popular guy on school and he wanted to date me. I thought it was a joke because he was drunk. But the next morning when I woke up he was lying next to me. 'Hey beautiful.' he smiled. 'How...?' I said confused. 'Doesn't matter. We don't have much time till the others wake up. You, me tonight at 6pm at Nandos.' Niall said and walked away. What was that about. It was already 2pm. I got up and went home. I took my beige dress and let my hair loose. It was brown and curly togheter with my brown eyes it was perfect. A bit make-up and I was ready to go. When I arrived Niall was already waiting. After a while he said what he wanted to say yesterday evening. 'I didn't lie when I said I wanted to date you. I have a crush on you for years. So what do you think?' he smiled shy. 'I say let's have a party to celebrate this.' I said cheeky. We went home and soon we were drunk again. Niall pushed me onto the wall and started to kiss me. The next moring we were both lying naked in bed. It felt amazing. I couldn't believe this all started with a game of truth or dare.

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