A jacob latimore love story 22

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Yn and Kay are staying at Jacobs house with Jacob and Roc Royal.


Jacob:(walks in and sees everyone in the kitchen eating breakfast)we should do something today

Roc&Kay:like what

Jacob:let's go bowling


::At the bowling ally::

Kay:we should do teams Yn you can be with Jacob and ill be with Roc

Yn:(looks at Kay)😡

~they all get there shoes and start to bowl and Yn is up first

Yn:(starts to bowl and doesn't hit any pins)

Jacob:(gets a strike)


Kay:(only knocks down 1 pin)

Jacob:(runs behind Yn to help her bowl)


Jacob:(gets behind her and puts his hand over hers and gets a strike)

Roc:(gets up to help when it's kay's turn to bowl)


Roc:(puts his hand on her waist and starts grinding on her ass)

Kay:(holds back her moan)

::Yn P.O.V::

Is that nigga serious,like who tf does that shit.

Jacob:(comes up to Yn before its her turn to bowl and hugs her)

Yn:(hugs back)

Jacob:(starts feeling on her ass)

Yn:(pushes Jacob back)

::Yn P.O.V::

I really think I should stop hanging around Jacob.Just the things he does makes me more confuse then I already am it's like I want him to finger me,an feel my ass,an have sex with him but I also don't want to at the same time.

~Roc and Kay win the game 250-50

Roc:ya suck

Jacob:if we was 1 on 1 I would have beat your ass,no offense Yn

Yn:*rolls her eyes

Kay:(grabs Yn's arm)imma gonna ride with Roc

Yn:why don't you just come with me and Jacob

Kay:cause I want to be alone in the car with Roc

Yn:I really don't want to be alone with Jacob


Yn:I can't stop him anymore,I feel like if he tries anything tonight im just gonna give in

Kay:good,then me and Roc will just go do something else so we can leave you and Jacob in the house alone

Yn:but first I need to ask you something


Yn:do you think we should go back out?

Kay:yea,Jacob made a mistake and he's trying to fix it.i can tell he really ❤ 's you and he doesn't just want a one night stand

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