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Matt's POV

I give the microphone back to the host.

I decided to stand next to Shawn. While everyone else came up to the stage.

"Ok so now you guys here are somethings you guys should know about are newbies here" are host says

Kalolaine's POV

I was next to Nash.

While I heard the host say "Ok so now you guys here are somethings you guys should know about are newbies here"

Great I always hate doing these but whatever. "First up is...........Kimberly" the hosat says everyone cheers while

the microphone is being past to her. "Uhh hi I'm kimberly" she says while all the fans scream.

" So here are some facts about me: 1. I love music 2. I love making DIYS on youtube for you guys my youtube is

@kimberlymai (not real) 3. I can not live without social media" I says then everyone cheers again.

I pass it to Marina she grabs it and says "Yelloooo guys I'm Marina here are some of my facts 1. I can not live without

vine literally every single day I am on it I just Love it YALL NEED TO FOLLOW ME IF YOU HAVEN'T 2. I dont really

watch Tv shows expect One Tree Hill, Dance Moms and christy needs to go back in cause its boring, and Keeping up

with the Kardashians 3. I love hip hop music so thats it for me now you have Kalolaine." Marina gives it to Kalolaine

and I say "Hi, guys I'm Kalolaine and here are some facts about me 1. I always loved magcon" the fans went wild

when I said that I laughs while all of us do too " 2. I like to play volleyball and the last but not least 3. I love

instagram FOLLOW ME" I finish and gives it to Jennifer. "Hi guys, I'm Jennifer and I am most known for youtube

so here are so of my facts 1. I love the Janoskians" everyone went wild "yall feel me ok now 2. My celeb crush is

obviously Jai brooks and Justin Bieber shoutout to his twin Matt" everyone laughed "and 3. I want to become a doctor

for childerns hospitals" she finishes and everyone said "awwwwwww" she laughs she passes it to Jocelyn.

"Haiii' I'm Jocelyn, I mostly appear on vine if you havent yet go and follow me cause I will really appericate that

anyways here are some facts 1. I love twaimz he is my fav youtube and viner same as Marina's 2. I love vine 3. I live to

play sports" she says and passes it to the host

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