Twisted Love 5

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 Twisted Love 5

Right now Ricky's lips are on mines, Yes my Stepfathers sweet, full ,juicy lips are connected with mines and I'm loving it - but its wrong!

What should i do ?

I know its wrong but it feel so right.

I feel Ricky's lips move around on my lips and i feel the lust and passion evaporate from his lips and settle on mines and  i find myself kissing him back deeply kissing him retuning the same passion that he had gave me  My lips are dancing with his were exploring new dances, we do the tango the waltz, and complete it with a bit of salsa.

The kiss is full of passion and sensation and my whole body is tingling.Never felt like this before the feeling is explosive.Ricky's hand start to explore my body as i move my hands to his head and hold on tightly. as if i frightened that kiss might end.

But I'm suppose to want the kiss to end? My brain is so confused, I'm not thinking straight I'm in a whole new world. I'm doing things i should not be doing.My lips are still connected to Ricky's. Our lips are still dancing together.

- waltz salsa tango. tango salsa waltz.

Ricky hand Begin to remove my top hes hand touch the bare skin underneath. A ripple of sensation moves up my body and fireworks are let of  Suddenly I'm thinking straight ; this is wrong  i tell my self. This is my mums husband my stepfather for gods sake!.

Have i gone insane? 

 Yes he might be hot ,hotter than hot, and yes he might have the most sexiest lips ever known to mankind but i should not being doing this,this is wrong.I Struggle to push Ricky off me a battle have started not with Ricky but with my self. I'm fighting to stop my self from being drawn in I shake my head so that the kiss is broken and so  I can stop this sin which i am committing i tell myself. As i struggle to push Ricky of me i feel him struggling to hold on to me.

I finally break free from the kiss-

'' Ricky, Ricky stop ! this is so wrong in so many ways'' i scream

Ricky's eyes move on to my face and we connect like we've connected so many times before And for a second a little Millie second, he looks guilty and sorry for what just happened But as quick as that second started it finished And Ricky pushes me on to floor and sits on top of me in a straddle position I look up at him into his deep green eyes, and the look has changed.

What have i got myself into. ?

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