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Just a quick note, the rest of the story isn't in 3rd person. I just wanted to do this in 3rd so it was easier to show what the situation was like. :) And this is my first story so it's most likely bad...


Maisie walked through the gates of the school. Today was her first day off this new high school she was attending. Not having any other siblings attending the school with her wasn’t going to be easy, learning the new ropes of the school without anyone by her side. Once she stepped into sight of the other pupils at the school, she felt everyone’s eyes on her as they stared.

“Hey, you!” Someone shouted from behind her, obviously, she couldn’t hear them.

“It’s the new girl.” Someone else whispered.

One of those boys from the popular group stood up and walked behind her. “Oi, you!” He shouted. “I said, oi, you. Hey, are you even listening to me?”

Maisie kept walking, watching as everyone frowned at her, shooting confused looks at her, she carried on making her way towards the school and trying to ignore it all. Suddenly, she felt someone grab her arm, twisting it which forced her to turn around to face them.

“I’ve been talking to you and you’re ignoring me.” This boy spat.

The boy watched her as she stared at him, her face full of confusion. “Are you stupid? I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it again, I’ve been talking to you and you’re ignoring me.” He said, slower this time. He noticed the way she was staring at his lips. Sure, he knew he was good looking but really?

“I not stupid.” Maisie replied, slowly.

“You obviously are though. Why are you speaking like that?” He asked, noticing once again as her eyes concentrated on his mouth.

“I said, not stupid.” She replied again, in her unusual voice.

He shook her before saying, “If you’re not stupid, then why are you talking like that?” He asked, a cocky grin on his face.

“I deaf.” She said simply. She watched as his face dropped before been replaced with a smirk.

“Oh, really?” He smirked which in reply he got a nod from her.

“Yes, now I going.” Maisie replied before turning back around.  

The boy went back to his group of friends laughing as he did then receiving high fives from the boys as the girls sat their giggling.

Wasn’t high school just wonderful?


Hi! It's been forever but I'm just adding this message in to let you all know I've started a new story (which will be so much better than this as this easy written in like 2014) it would be awesome if any of yous could check it out!:)


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