8. My Introduction

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It was finally the first day of rehearsal. I felt confident and I was ready for this new experience. I arrived at the studio and it was swarming with fans. How am I going to get inside? I stepped out my car and tried to figure out my plan.

I weaved through the aggressive crowd. I made it halfway to the entrance. Girls were banging in the glass doors. There was no way I was going to get in this way. I dismissed myself from the crowd. I walked over to the side of the building and saw some familiar faces.

I jogged over to them. I saw Nick. 

"What's up, Marissa? Ready for a long day?" 

"Yea, so many fans out here." 

"Trust me, you'll get used to this sooner or later." He shrugged. "Let me introduce you to some people." I followed after him.

We walked into a room and music was playing. There was a circle of people. It looked like they were having a great time. 

"I want you to introduce yourself, Marissa. The way we do it is: you go in the middle of the circle and show everyone what you got." Nick smirked.

I stared at him for a second, then to the crowd. Beauty And A Beat was playing. I was hesitant at first. My bag fell to the ground. I tucked my hair behind my ears and made my way through the circle. The people who dancing moved back into the crowd.

I took over the floor. My favorite part was coming up. I nodded my head to the beat. It was my time. I swung my neck, making my hair sway. I threw my hands into it and sexily rolled my hips. My body flowed with the beat.

I turned to the opposite side of the circle and found Justin's eyes. He wanted to see what I had up my sleeve, I was about to show him. I locked my stare on him.

I was in a zone. His eyes traveled up and down my body, following my quick yet slightly sensual movements. My favorite part of the song came on, (Oooooh I wanna feel your body roooooOOcCkkkK) I turned sideways and teasingly lifted my shirt to expose my toned belly. I seductively rolled it to the tempo of the song.

I never left the stare and neither did Justin. He lips slightly parted. I let my shirt fall naturally back to its original form. I finished my "introduction" with a smirk. I walked off the floor as people cheered and patted my back. I jokingly tipped toed to Nick and gave him a high five!

"Who is this girl?! Oh wait, this is Marissa Small everyone!" Nick clapped for me. I modestly bowed, laughed, and clapped along with everyone.

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