The Dream

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Running through the meadow as flowers dance before my feet. Looking at the hill im getting near. Climbing the mountain of flowers and fresh grass. Panting and tripping as i run too fast.  At the top theres a tree. Not just any tree.. a cherry blossom tree that moves with the gentle breeze. Waving at me as the breeze carries the blossoms into the sunset. I turn and fall onto the soft lap of a gentlemen. Where he was waiting for me. Sitting still in between two roots that slip under the ground. We both watch the sky turn colors as the sun sets. Soft shade of dandellion yellow turns to a shade of orange. Purple to indigo. Finally blue to black so the moon can jump up to greet us again. White diamonds soar across the night time sky. To twinkle as bright as the fully white moon. Burrying into his arms that blanket around me. Whispering words that speak from the heart into my ear. My eyes glisten in the moonlight as i turn to face you. Revealing a small box in your hand. Both kneeling on the cold grass that flows in the breeze giving me chills flowing up my boddy. I pull on your jacket tighter on my cold arms. I look at the box as my mind wonders what could be hiding inside. Feeling my cheeks flush red as my eyes grow wider. Feeling the tears about to spure out. Slowly opens the box with a comforting smile as the pure diamond shines brighter than the moon. Tearing slide down my cheeks as i grasp you tighter with a hug and a passionate kiss. The dream of this was once a dream.. and that man.. was Timmy. This dream you use to live in when you abandoned me. But now that i have you, i love you so much and this will become reality <3

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