Part Six

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Nico didn't hesitate. He told them about his weird dream and all that he could remember from it. Walt listened intently and silently, while Sadie tried to jump in with a comment from time to time, but Walt hushed her down.

Whoa, Nico thought. He probably needs to do that quite a lot.

"Fate planned for us to meet," Sadie said finally.

"You don't mean the fates?" Nico looked at her quizzically.

"What?" Sadie raised her eyebrows, looking slightly bewildered. "What fates?"

"Uh, the three fates," Nico said, his words turning in to a mumble at the sight of Sadie's harshly confused face. "Um, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos..."

Sadie laughed. "Gods of Egypt, no. I believe in fate, as in the reason anyone would win the lottery."

Nico slapped his forehead. Duh.

Sadie was grinning, shaking her head repeatedly.

"Let's just calm down," Walt said, looking slightly alarmed.

"You Greeks are crazy." Sadie managed to calm down slightly, but her grin was still spread wide on her face.

"You're British," Nico pointed out.

" 'Course I'm British," Sadie said, looking at him with hilarity. "Why else did you think the potion tasted like Ribena?"

"It didn't, actually," Nico said, an eyebrow raised. "Tasted like Ital- I mean, apple juice."

Nico thought it wise not to tell them about Italy. He had no desire to be questioned about his birthplace and family.

"Oh, gods of Egypt," Sadie said, scowling. "I thought I was getting better at making these." She threw the small jar and stepped on its broken pieces.

Walt gazed at Nico with an intrigued expression on his face, which made Nico very uncomfortable. He had a million questions for him, but he couldn't grasp the right moment to ask. He wasn't even sure he wanted to know.

Just then, Nico heard a faint but loud bang. He jumped and turned, looking for the source of noise. More bangs. As apposed to him, Sadie and Walt didn't look too surprised. Sadie looked even a little annoyed.

Nico looked at them. "What was that?"

Sadie sighed. "My call to get back. It's my turn to look after the house while Carter goes to sleep."

Nico didn't know who Carter was, but he didn't ask questions. He was actually kind of relieved.

"Well, that wasn't very long," she said to Nico. "Nice meeting you, Death Boy number two."

"Don't call me that!" Nico said irritably.

Sadie just chuckled and walked away. When she realized Walt wasn't following her, she turned and put her hands at her hips.

She raised her eyebrows. "Sticking around, are you?"

Walt was still gazing at Nico. "I'll catch up."

Sadie sighed again and raised her eyebrows, but she didn't protest. She walked off and over the plastic bottles from the overfilled crates. Soon, Nico couldn't see her anymore. Reluctantly, he turned back to Walt and met his eye.

"We're alone," the tall guy pointed out.

Nico pursed his lips. "Yeah."

His form changed again, and this time, the other form did not flicker off.

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