Chapter 11: Well Jack U

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It's been a week and a half since Dorian had officially claimed Gwen as his girlfriend. She spent the rest of the day cuddling with him on the couch as everyone watched the movie. Then later, kissing a lot after everyone left.

She was blissed out the first few days but then she rarely saw him. He stopped by that Thursday to make her dinner but then had to leave after for some appointment he had. Gwen wondered why he had an appointment at nine o'clock at night.

Even that following weekend she wanted to walk around the lake with him but every time she knocked on his door he wasn't home. Gwen realized she didn't even have his phone number.

She began fiddling with her pen as she sat on her stool in class half listening to her teacher, Chef Cordon, finish up his lecture on spices and herbs.

"Okay, that's enough about the lecture, now I want to let everyone know about the intern program this year. As you all know there are several available spots for the lucky few." Chef Cordon with his chin length wavy brown hair, partially hidden behind a chef's hat, bellows over the sea of students.

Gwen lifts her head to focus on his words. She may be unsure about Dorian, but she is still focused on obtaining this internship. Her eyes flutter around the square room, filled with long metal tables surrounded by four students each, noticing she isn't the only one rapidly concentrating on the Chef's speech. The front of the room features a small demonstration kitchen, where Chef stands in front of a short, long wooden table facing the students.

"This year we have three options. The first is with the restaurant Coeur, which focuses on French cuisine so pastries and desserts play a big role there. We worked with them last year and it turned into a wonderful experience for all involved." Chef Cordon smiled and looked down at a sheet of paper as talk erupted throughout the class.

"Secondly, we have The Turn, which is the restaurant at Hotel James. Very traditional, European flare. We have worked with them for many years and the students who intern there usually go on to full-time employment with them once they graduate."

Gwen knew most of the students wanted those two spots, and she was no different. But she overheard two of the teachers talking on Monday that Got Cake, the best bakery in Chicago, had an internship this year. She was, at this very moment, crossing her fingers that this was true and not a rumor. While being employed at a great restaurant would be a wonderful experience, she dreamed of working in a bakery. Sure, she probably could get a minimum wage job at a local bakery in her neighborhood, but she wants a place that takes pride in its breads and sweets. A place that isn't just creating the biggest or most sugar coated confection just to turn a profit. Got Cake would be the pinnacle for any baker, both in and out of Chicago.

"The final internship is a new one, and in my opinion, a place we are lucky to work with. Understand that only one of you will be open to this internship, unlike the usual three internships per restaurant like the previous two I listed. This year we have Got Cake added to our internship program."

A roar of talk and screeches erupted in the class and Chef Cordon waved his hands in the air, "Settle down please. Let me explain. You will each make a simple baguette tomorrow in class that a person from each location will judge. Then, over the weekend, you must create something that you believe represents the best of you. It can be candy or a pastry or cake or another bread. Just something that you think shows the judges what you are capable of. You will hand in a one page report on what you will be making and why on Friday, while presentation of the dish will be on Monday. Feel free to use the kitchens if you need to over the weekend. That is all. Class dismissed."

Chef Cordon gathered his things and made his way to the door, waving students off like flies as he tried for a quick escape. Gwen just sat there, still awe-struck by the chance to work at Got Cake. Her smile made her cheeks begin to hurt as it was so wide.

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