Part Four

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Nico saw his identity presented in front of front of him in a magical and million-dimensional way he couldn't explain and didn't recognize:

There he was, Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades, ruler of ghosts and shadows, counselor of cabin thirteen.

He saw parts of his life. He saw his mother's warm smiling face. His sister Bianca with her green floppy hat. Percy protecting them from the thorn monster. Learning of his underworld abilities. Charging in to battle with his father Hades at his back. Days trapped in a bronze jar.

An arrow sank in to his sword arm...

A muscular man with white wings turned, his hair straight and black and his smile as harsh as truth.

The glint of red eyes shocked Nico back to the present.

"No," he said, his tone deadly. "That was unnecessary."

He no longer felt his pain from the crash. His sword flew to his hand. He raised it and struck it at the ground between the boy's feet and cracks appeared in the earth, spreading fast.

The boy staggered backwards. He eyed Nico with alarm as bony hands caught on to the sides of the widening cracks. Two skeletons armed and in Greek armor climbed out of the dark space that had opened in the earth.

Using his sword for balance, Nico pulled himself up and extracted the black blade from the ground.

The Greek skeletons held up their swords shakily and lurched forwards, but the boy raised his hands and the walking bone structures started melting, bone after bone.

Moments later, all that was left of Nico's bony warriors were two puddles of darkness and swords and weapons that clattered to the floor.

"Calm down, son of Hades," the boy said soothingly.

Nico scowled at him. "What are... what did you-"

The boy looked rather amused. "Those are skeletons, easy targets for me. In fact, in a way I rule over them."

"Stupid Death boy magic," the girl summed up.

"They call me that too," Nico said quietly.

"Can't imagine why."

Nico turned to the boy with a dark expression. "I did not permit you to sneak around in my past."

"Couldn't take chances," he explained. "I simply took a peak at your Ren."

Nico frowned. "My what, now?

The girl smirked. "Your Ren, silly. It's the part of your soul that represents your name."

The girl's look suddenly turned strange and she touched her forehead, slowly turning to the boy.

"Wait a moment," she said, her tone suspicious. "Don't you need to know a person's secret name to do that?"

The boy chuckled. "If you know a person's secret name, you know what they feel about all the events." He looked at Nico. "Were you really turned in to corn by a farmer god?"

"Yes," Nico grumbled.

"A farmer god?" Sadie inquired. "But I can tell you're not a magician!"

The boy looked at Nico for his decision.

"You know about me, but I don't know anything about you," He said.

"Alright then." The boy cleared his throat.

"My name is Walt and I'm a magician in the House of Life. I follow the path of Anubis, Egyptian god of funerals, so I'm pretty much an expert at death magic."

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