Part Three

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Nico wasn't ready to back down just yet. He'd already decided that he'd follow through his visions to the end. He knew from his dream that he should arrive by a cluster of recycling crates. Even the red highlights girl was included in the scene flashes he had last night. Though he had a hard time remembering half of the future sights by the morning, he remembered her image clearly.

Well, at least he knew he was interrupting in the correct date.

While those thoughts passed in Nico's mind, the girl found his sudden movement and actual presence threatening. She quickly lit her staff with a white flame and shouted some sort of spell:


Strange picture letters that Nico recognized as Egyptian Hieroglyphs blazed in the air between them:


The ground under Nico erupted. He was flipped off his feet and crashed painfully against the crate. His black Stygian sword slipped out of his grip and skittered away, landing several feet away from his reach. He bit back a yelp and steadied his breathing, looking up at his attacker. She mirrored his feelings, her expression displaying part alarm, part fear.

Slowly, she edged towards Nico, the boy keeping her back. Nico glared at him, but his face was unreadable.

"A demon?" she turned to the boy, but she didn't dare look away from Nico. Her tone was casual, but terror still filled her eyes.

Her boyfriend stood over Nico, but Nico couldn't move. His back was on fire and the bones in his arm felt misplaced. Taking advantage of Nico's situation, the boy pressed his thumb against his forehead. He attempted to swat it away, but moving an inch caused pain to shoot up his arm.

His vision went black before he could yell.

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