Part One

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~Daughter Of Notus, StollSister


It was late at night, and Nico was striding down the streets of Manhattan. He felt quite ignorant coming there owing to the fact that he simply had a dream the previous night, but he woke up that morning with a tugging sensation in his gut, so he shadow traveled from the entrance to the forest at camp straight to Williamsburg Bridge.

Nico was getting better at traveling through shadows. He didn't get quite as tiered as he used to, not to mention melt in to a black puddle of di Angelo. He'd also perfected his target landing, but this time it ended up a little unexpected.

As he materialized out of the shadows and took a moment to catch his breath, he realized with a second's notice that he was toppling over the side of the fence towards the water. If it wasn't for the nearest lamp post, Nico would've drowned in the murky river, point blank.

That part wasn't included in my dream, he thought irritably. He carefully climbed over the fence and set down the street towards a bunch of recycling crates which cast large shadows around them. Grumbling about the many other shadows he could have emerged out of, he looked over at the avenue.

It wasn't as busy as it would be at daytime, but many cars passed right by him and caused his dark hair to fly in his eyes. A couple larger vehicles released nasty smells and leaked gas, two things that Nico utterly hated about cars. He stayed as far as he could away from the edge.

The sidewalk was mainly clear, but a few people strolled around here and there. A couple walked right past Nico, not giving him or his sword a second glance. No doubt they were enjoying a romantic night together.

Nico seriously couldn't understand what caused the smell of exhaust to be romantic, but he let that go.

Trying to drown out the sound of the traffic, Nico hardly heard the familiar growling from behind him. He stopped abruptly and slowly turned around, making no sudden move. Sure enough, a large, black doglike creature with glowing red eyes stood a mere ten feet away from him. It looked like it was about to pounce, but it raised its head the moment Nico met its eyes, confused.

Nico raised his hand calmly. He knew that he had the ability to control most creatures of the underworld, including Hellhounds. He looked right in to the creature's eyes and did not flinch once it growled again, revealing deadly pointed teeth.

"I am the son of Hades," he said quietly. "Leave me and return to your native land."

Attack me and I'll pulverize you and sap your life force, he added without speaking.

The hellhound was probably in a slow mood that day, because it did not back away. Nico drew his black Stygian Iron sword and wondered if the monster would change its mind at the sight of it. Instead, the Hellhound jumped to attack, and Nico almost felt bad when he beheaded it. The Hellhound and its head dissolved in to two separate black puddles, both of which Nico's sword drained completely.

'K, guys. Sorry if part one isn't very impressive. Part two gets better. Part one is just necessary for the story. You'll see why soon enough.

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