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Laura's POV

"Jimin, are you crazy?"

He lifted my chin up and stole a kiss.

"The best of us are."

"I can't believe you just did that!" I yelled as I hit his arm; before briskly walking away.

"Owwhhh! What did I do to deserve that?" he whined while trying to chase me up.

"You know what!" I called back, pacing faster away from him.

"I did what?" he said, pulling me by the wrist so that we were face to face.
The subtle smell of his fading boy perfume entered my nose, which sent a warm feeling down my throat and into the bottom of my chest.

Before I got caught up in his tremendous smell that was snaking me to like him even more, I raised my eyebrows at him "You kissed me!"

He smirked "No...I didn't."

"Shut up Park, you-"

He cupped my face and pressed his soft lips onto mine once again.

This time, it lasted a little longer. The taste of his delicious lips lingered over mine, making me want him even more.

Jimin just knew, he knew how to send a thousand different feelings muster up inside of me, to begin an endless addiction to this boy.
A craving sensation rose in me every single time that we kissed.

He was the worst kind. The teasing sort of boy that would drive you insane. The kind of boy to keep you longing in awe by the very touch of his lips.

Gently, he pulled his lips away for us to breathe and gaze at one another for a moment. I tried to recollect what had just happened for the second time.

The beating sun felt warm on my cheeks, whilst for a moment I was lost in his dazzling eyes.

I pushed him by his chest lightly, whispering "You're crazy..."

"What's so crazy about it?" He whispered back, his hands now holding my hips, his grasp tightening lightly as he edged my body closer to him again.

I could sense that he wanted the taste of my lips as much as I wanted his.

"You Jimin, just you."


Later that night we all sat down for Jimin's dinner celebration but the entire time I kept my head down.

I looked up to see Jimin making kissing faces at me, sneakily before he took each bite from his fork.

My gut reaction was to roll my eyes every time that he did, although this drew the wrong attention from my parents.

"Laura, what's the matter?" My mother asked while she poured me some water.

"Yeah Laura, what's the matter?" Jimin repeated almost patronisingly.

I only shot him a death glare.

"Nothing, I'm fine mum." I replied quickly.

There were numerous occasions during the meal where I felt his foot rub against mine, but in return I gave him a few kicks. Instead, he took my actions as an invite to playing footsie under the table.

Not lying but it was fun with the way that he was, just not in the sense of making it obvious to our elders that we had anything going on between us.
I couldn't bare the thought of my parents and Jimin's aunt and uncle throwing a billion questions our way about if we liked each other or anything.


After dinner I offered to wash up so that I'd have some peace alone for a while.

"Laura?!" I heard Jimin call from another room.

All of a sudden I was afraid of if he'd surprise attack me outta nowhere. Instead he ran into the room and hugged me from behind.

"Hey you."

"Hey Chim Chim."

"Look outside." He pointed out the window.

"What? It's just dark."

"Yeah but look at the stars." His chin rested on my shoulder as he continued to speak lowly in my ear.
"It's mesmerising outside and we're sadly standing in the kitchen not truly admiring it's beauty this fine night."

"Please, not another monologue."

"Fine, but come enjoy it outside with me." He reached out his hand inviting me to explore the dark, glowingly lit evening outside.

I took his hand in agreement and followed him as he trailed me out to the sandy beach to show me the graceful night that was waiting for us.



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