Chapter 1

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Please LET THIS BE KNOWN to be rated R and very discriptive! It's a BDSM story and I advise innocent minds to not read this. Comments are welcomed. Enjoy (;


Walking into my office on this Friday wasn't any different than any other. "Hey, Samantha!" I waved to the receptionist who passed by my office. My door was usually open unless I had a patient or whatever. I'm a high school nurse, twenty seven years old, and has kick ass blonde hair that goes past my shoulder blades.

My boss, Mr. Richardson, walked in, "morning Samantha. How was your weekend?"

"It was fine, Mr. Richardson, thank you for asking." I put my purse on my desk and pulled out my favorite cherry lip balm. I started to apply it when I realized my boss was just sitting there watching me. I stopped and just looked at him with the do-you-mind-look. He got the hint and said, "I've gotta go. See ya Samantha." I nodded then fully applied the lip balm.

The bell hasn't rung yet for the students to go to their first class so as usual Tyler Miles, my usual, walks in and leans against the door frame. "Morning Sammy." I glared at him but he just grinned.

"Morning Tyler. How are you?"

"Good Sammy, and you?"

"I'm fine. Don't call me Sammy, Tyler. You know my name."

"I know but I don't wanna say your full name!" God he was such a whiner. I smiled and started my computer.

Tyler say beside me in the extra chair and leaned on my desk. He was cute ill have to admit. He had thick black locks and blue eyes. He was talk for a nineteen year old and his high cheek bones fit his face. "What are you staring at Sammy?"

I glared again. "I was thinking about how cute you are but never mind now. Shit."

He laughed out loud and said, there's no way I'm any cuter than you. Besides I didn't hear that. You're the nurse not one of the other student girls." I nodded and went back to my computer.

He came up behind me and put his arms around my shoulders and neck leaning on my back. I nibbled on his arm and he immediately backed away, "I don't think you need to do that, Sammy."

"Oh really?" I said grinning an evil grin. I knew damn well what it did. He can't do anything to me but I can do whatever I want to him. He knew it too.

The bell rang before he could say anything. He stared at me, "see you soon Sammy. By the way, nice black skirt. Sexy." Then he ran out. Typical.

I looked down at my skirt, it was black and form fitting but loose. I loved it! It came to knee length and it was comfortable. The shirt I wore was black and blue which went perfectly with the skirt.

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