chapter 3

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"WHERE. WERE. YOU?" I stared in fear at Aaron's blind fury.

"Um." I squeaked from my position, the bed in the sick bay. I had sneaked in, hoping no one would notice my absence. "I- I just needed some air, so I went for a walk, Sir."

"Hmph! Well, then, if you've recovered enough to 'go for a walk' for over half the day, I think you've recovered enough to rejoin the other cadets! Get Up!"

"But, S-" I stopped myself, knowing resistance was futile. "Yes, Sir."

I pushed myself slowly to my feet and trudged out of the sick bay right behind Sir Arron.

The sun was just a bit over the horizon and slowly rising. We stopped by the armory so I could don my leather armor and grab my sword before being marched to the training field were the other trainees were already lined up and ready to start.

Sir Arron pointed angrily at the line of students, a clear indication I should take my place.

Head hanging, I trudged over to the end of the line and put my incooperative body into first position before Sir Arron could yell at me anymore.

"Today!" Sir Arron began, "Is the day you've been waiting for!" all the students glance at each other out of the corner of there eye, wondering what the Knight could be talking about. "Today!" Sir Arron continued, "Is the day you will start your training as Dragon Slayers!" Everyone knew that killing a dragon proved your bravery, your skill, and your honor. It's every Knight's dream to kill a dragon, mine too, in fact, until recently. Since yesterday, this was the day I was dreading, and it had come a lot sooner than I had hoped.

"We will begin with weaknesses! And for this, I would like you to give your respect to Sir Thiel, who will teach you all you need to know about dragons!"

As the other trainees gasped in excitement, I groaned inwardly. The last thing I want is my dad here to teach me, teach me about killing dragons no less.

All the trainees stood as still as possible to impress my dad. He was one of the most famous knights. How he got me for a son...

My thoughts were cut off by my dad walking out from behind the line of students. He stood tall and straight. His fancy clothes stood out against the our leather armor. His face held no emotion. I must have gotten my blandness from my mom because my dad was anything but plain. He had dark black hair that had just the start of some grey at the roots, and deep green eyes. He was tall, burly and had a strong, handsome face. In short, He was the complete opposite of plain, boring me.

"As you probably already know," he started, "my name is Sir Theil. I myself have had many encounters with dragons, and so Sir Arron believes it fitting I should teach you about them, so you may be ready to face them on your own one day. And since he is my good friend," he continued. "I am happy to oblige." But he didn't look happy.

"As Sir Arron said, we will start with weaknesses. You are expected to remember everything I teach you so pay attention." Honestly, I wanted to run all the way back up to the mountain and spend the day with Caelea. She didn't expect me to remember sequences or know how to sword fight.

My dad was talking again. "The weakest part of a dragon is under their arm where there scales are thinnest and their eyes. This is mostly for archers, as there arrows cannot pierce a dragons thick hide, although, remember these spots because if a dragon is blind or bleeding, he will be easier to kill." I flinched at the word kill and hoped Caelea couldn't hear me thinking about it. She didn't say anything and I hoped that was a good sign.

"If you have a good enough sword, it is possible to pierce a dragons scales, but only in the right places. Most amateurs would go straight for the heart, but be warned, this is useless. Over a dragons heart is where the scales are thickest and most protecting. The worst you'll do is leave a scratch. The same is true for the throat, underbelly, and chest. One of the most difficult weak spots to reach is the roof of the mouth, and, if you can time it right, despite the teeth and fire, stabbing the dragon through the roof of the mouth is probably the fastest way to kill it. If you survive."

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