Chapter 2- Paradise Falls

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Calm down, no one will notice. Meaghan Soltz told herself, tightly gripping the wrought iron metal of the doors to the dining hall. Being fifteen minutes late wasn’t on her agenda of course but Mr. Sanders just had to talk to her about her college choices  (aka stare at her boobs while rambling nonsense)- thus making her late.

            Taking another huge breath, Meaghan pulled open the tall door and slipped inside. Eyes flashed to her instantly and whispers ensued. You would have thought that only the jealous girls would be muttering, but the boys joined in as well.

            She put on a show just for them, swaying her hips just so that the skirt of her crisp electric blue and canary yellow cheerleading uniform would fan out from her slender hips and give them a flash of her matching electric blue super short shorts. When Meaghan reached the canteen, she picked up a tray and dawdled over salad choices, twirling a lock of dark curly hair around her manicured index finger.

            Finally, she got her meal (garden salad with blue cheese dressing on the side and diet Pepsi) and made her way over to the PD’s table. The girls’ eyes were on Nastasya (or Nasty as Meaghan liked to call her, even though Nastasya hated it) as she told them a story about her babysitting experience.

            Meaghan rolled her eyes and set her tray down loudly. Nasty, Gale, Kendra and Soomie all looked up.

            Gale’s quick blue eyes appraised Meaghan as she sat down. Something Meaghan always noticed and envied about Gale was that she had this look about her that resembled actresses in the 50’s. Elegant and poised- like Audrey Hepburn or something. “Cheerleading this year, again?” She asked, her voice dripping with contempt.

            Soomie set down her fork next to her untouched salad. How cliché that a ballerina would have an eating disorder. Meaghan’s eyes trailed up over her nearly flat chest to her green eyes, that were flashing to Nastasya. “Is cheerleading in again?”

            “Who said it was ever out?” Meaghan snapped, her ocean blue gaze searing into Soomie’s poreless skin. Soomie is Asian, has flawless skin, full lips and long, straight, shiny black hair.

            She bowed her head and clammed up. Coward.

            “Hey, Soomie was just asking a question,” Kendra sneered, her big and dark eyes menacing. Obviously her and Soomie have some sort of lesbian relationship going on, Meaghan thought.

            “Girls, please.” Nastasya said, her voice very quiet.

            Meaghan’s eyes snapped to her, wondering as always how Nastasya could ask so … so … nice. She hated it. Nasty and her had been good friends for a very long time, but that didn’t mean she supported her. Nastasya can’t be Queen if she doesn’t enforce rules. The only way to control your people is to scare them- and Meaghan was very good at being scary.

            Nasty isn’t cut out for leadership, Meaghan decided. The only thing she really has going for her is her looks, as everyone knows, and her utterly scrumptious right guard of a boyfriend. Maybe it’s time for a new reign? Nastasya would cry herself to death if she found out Meaghan was trying to overrule her, though, and the last thing on her agenda was making a new enemy (though Nastasya probably wouldn’t be very good at it).

            She’ll have to do this discreetly- if she doesn’t then she’ll have no hope. She’ll be like a secret spy. Very quietly get the girls on her side then fire back at Nasty so she has no choice but to follow her as well. Parfait!

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