The Blackness In the Lying World

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The blackness suffocates the living.

The ones who live in a world thats filled with lies of how perfect this world is.

Their perfect Disney world with happiness and sunshine.

They're purposly blind to not see how it truely is.

The world of tears that bleed out from the eyes.

Pain and torture that happens every moment.

Never knowing when it can happen to you.

The world of blood that covers my blade.

The blade that cuts through the heart to peirce it till it reaches the spine.

The heart that was beating for one purpose will never beat again.

It shatters even more than this world has made it.

I look at the masks people wear.

The true colors no one sees.

The smiles people wear of a happy life.

The pain that is so overwhelming, stops my world from spinning.

They laugh at who i really am and reject the fact that i want to be myself.

I take it to the wrist that i split open no more.

I look at them now and laugh.

Laugh at their stupidity and their music that hypnotizes them to becoming the same.

The true and powerful part of being like me is that i like to express myself.

I dont wanna hide my face from society anymore than i already have.

Ill be better than who you want me to be and ill be fucking proud of it.

The blackness the surrounds my body fades with each smile i wear.

I look at the blood ive spilt and i dont feel one pain or emotion anymore.

I see what this world has done to people and i know how its become.

But i will never find the hapiness of someone that hides their face.

I will find the face of the person that means love and is real than any other.

I will always be in this blackness but when i find that someone,

The someone that can help me survive,

Ill become someone that shines in the light.

All will be still and the blackness will fade.

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