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As I walked around school going to my next class whispers were around me again.

I just simply rolled my eyes. Nosy ass people.

As I was walking 2 girls approached me.

"Is it true!?" One of them almost screeched

I winced "what?"

"Did you really break up with Zach-"

"Shut up Ella. She problem doesn't want to talk about it." The other said

I guess who was Ella gasped "oh my gosh I'm really sorry! Did he play you? How are you guys still friends?"

"Wait, who are you again" I asked

She laughed "Oh yeah! I'm Ella"

Her bright smile beamed.

"I'm Jayden" the other said

"Nice to meet you" I smiled

"How are you nice?" Ella asked

"Huh?" I asked confused

"Well you practically live with Zach-"

"How did you know that" I cut her off

She laughed "Oh silly me! Almost everyone knows! You're a foster kid, you dated Zach for a month, you like to paint-"

"Who told you?" I asked. Them Knowing that I'm foster kid is a big deal.

"Zachs super popular here. Of course we know!" she shrugged

"How did you find out?" I questioned. I thought my secrets were safe

"If you date Zach everyone knows everything about you" Jayden said

I think they could tell I was going pale.

"Don't worry! That's we she knows." Ella quickly said. That doesn't stop my worrying though.

I covered it with a smile. At least no one knows what I did.

"So what's your name" Ella asked

Wow they know everything about me except my name.

"Alexis, or Lexi for short" I smiled

She gasped "I love that name!"


"She a bit hyper active" Jayden whispered

"Am not" Ella crossed her arms

Ella had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was short but very pretty.

Jayden dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She was about the same hight as me.

"So why are you so nice Lexi?" Ella asked and I started laughing with Jayden

Once we finished I answered "I still don't know what you mean"

"She means that your a foster kid who's been transferred all I've the country, you practically live with Zach, and you get in trouble all the time" Jayden explained

My smile left "Yeah...I'm not the best person to be around"

I quickly turned and left.

I could hear Ella behind me.

"Why did you do that! She could have been our friend! What-"

The further I got the less I could here her.


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