Chapter 16 Spouce

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I watch as you walk with your friends .
The way your hair covers your eyes at the ends .
I see how much you love to laugh .
The time you fell and cut your calf .
I notice how you skip desert .
Afraid those pounds would never work .
If only you could see .
Just how perfect you are to me .
The way your nice to everyone .
And how you know when to have fun .
I see you pass me all the time .
And cant help wishing you where mine .
I wish that i could just say hi .
To stop you when your passing by .
I know i might not have a chance .
Or even be worth a second glance .
I sent a silent prayer out .
To let you see what I'm all about .
Now we live in the same small house .
And i call you my loving spouse .

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