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[Name] is the new kid at Ouran Academy. While trying to find a quiet place to study (he/she/they) (comes/come) across another new student just like (him/her/them); Fujioka Haruhi. What people don't realise is despite (his/her/their) sarcastic and happy persona (he/she/they) (tries/try) to keep everyone out. What happened in (his/her/their) past that made (him/her/them) so conservative? Will the host club be able to figure out (his/her/their) past and save (him/her/them) from (himself/herself/themselves)?

Or will (he/she/they) stay ignored forever?

[I am currently editing this fanfiction to make it more diverse. You won't have any specified gender at all until the end of the fanfic and when asked about your gender you will not give an actual answer, or say you are indeed a boy. You will have the option to choose from they, he and she pronouns but no faer or zie or other pronouns like that because I don't understand them.]

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