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1)Go to a shop (anyplace that sells shoos) and place Lego in all the shoes
2)put a doll in the middle of a row (if possible Dora) and when someone try's to pick it up say "SWIPER NO SWIPING!!!" And watch them go like O-o
3)go to a store with your friends and sit in a group and play truth or daretu
4)when walking go up and hug random people and say "POOPYKINS"
5)make a fort out of things you find is a shop (AKA TONES OF TOLET PAPER!!) and when someone asks you to leave say "DONT MAKE ME GET THE BIG GUNS" or "WE HAVE BEEN FOUND I REPEAT WR HAVE BEEN FOUND" and run out of the shop
6)where the most stupidest thing you can find and walk down the street Like your made of rubber
7)take a banana out and use it as a phone and when you walk by people say the most random things

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