Chapter Two - I was a mistake?

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I saw a police officer and my dad with his clothes, which were covered in blood. I shivered and my dad just smiled softly and nervously.

"Mr. Clark was in serious trouble and got into a fight with one of the strongest men in Bradford by the name of John Smith." Police man explained with a deep tune, and immediately left. My mum came over from the kitchen. As she saw dad she dropped the phone she was talking on. She seemed like she has just jumped of the deep end. Her temper was going badly up and without any questions she came up to dad and slapped him real hard. He fell on the ground, because I guess he didn't have energy by now and all my mom does is making things worse! I knew my dad was a gentleman and also a strong man, but not when he's in such a bad condition. I helped him get up and just after that I hugged him so tight and cried on his shoulder. My mother rolled her eyes and walked away.

"Don't you dare walk away! All you do is making things worse! He has a reason, and I'm sure it's stronger than your slap!" I screamed at my mom and she immediately stopped.

"I knew that you were a big mistake in our lives! No, I'm not making things worse! You are! Since you were born everything's about YOU!" My mom shouted back with a voice that seemed that she just had blew of her top!

"Oh look are you jealous of me? That I'm better than you? That I have something you don't have? Just shut up! You are an embarrassment!"

I was sure I went too far, but all she ever thought about was herself! She's not the mother most of teenagers has. She doesn't care about me. She's on the phone all day long, but so what? I'm use to it. My dad always works hard, but mom? She's shopping and wasting money on sh*t. And I? I'm the plan B to everyone. Just not in school. I mean my old school. I don't make sense now, but my mother doesn't either by action. She might be my Mom, but so what? That doesn't mean I love her as much as most love their Moms.

"You should have some manners Allison Marie Clark! Have some respect to your Mother!" My mother kept arguing with me. I laughed loudly. I saw her loosing her temper.

My dad tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear, "Please go to your room, darling."

I shook my head.

"I'm not going anywhere, we need to heal your wounds!" I said to him softly.

My mother was no longer standing next to us. She's probably 'busy' on her phone again... I must be a big mistake to her. If really she actually wasn't an embarrassment. She was the reason I was popular and the really reason I had friends, fake friends. Every single friend of mine didn't give a sh*t what I think or what I do, all they wanted was to meet my mom. My mom was obviously famous. She's an actress. Behind the screen and in reality.

~Two days later~

*Let's go to the beach, beach, let's get-*

"Shut up!" I yelled and threw my alarm clock on the ground. I crawled out of my loving bed and I walked up to my wardrobe. Today was the first day I will go to school in Bradford. I think I need to impress someone. I got my black skinny jeans, black top, red outerwear top and red high heals. I left my long blonde hair down. I walked into the bathroom and finished getting ready.

I went down stairs, but I heard argument in the kitchen. I stopped at the door and started listening.

"You are such an embarrassment! You got into a fight and now all the newspapers are writing about it! You know that I'm famous and you just ruined my reputation!" My mother was complaining. I rolled my eyes, but I still kept listening.

"Eileen, I was just standing up for my friend!" Daddy explained softly. I heard a big slap. I quickly opened the door. They both looked up to me. I frowned at mom when I saw my dads red cheek. That meant she slapped him.

"For goodness sake, Allison Marie Clark! Would you ever mind your own business?" My mom yelled once again.

"No, Eileen." I said seriously.

"Excuse me! I'm your mother, not Eileen!" She shouted going all red and loosing her temper.

"You don't deserve to be called my mother!" I answered and gave a fake smile just to annoy her more. She was going to open her mouth to speak, but my dad spoke first.

"That's enough! Allison get your school bag, because I'm driving you to school!"

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