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[F/n] opened her eyes slowly to be greeted by harsh sun rays. She patted the spot next to her. To her surprise, Sebastian was gone. [F/n] yawned and blinked the sleep from her eyes.

The plush carpet met her toes as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. She stood and began to walk to her closet. She picked a black lolita-esque dress (look at picture at the top). Luckily this dress had no corset on it. [F/n] slipped on the dress with ease. She ran a brush through her [Hair/Length] [Hair/Color] and let it fall to her shoulders. She brought her thigh length stockings up her legs slowly. Her black boots were then slipped on and laced up and tied.

She stepped foot into the hall way onto the intricately designed carpet that lined the halls. Heels not making a sound on the ground on which she stepped, she looked about her surroundings. [F/n]'s memories of the manor flooded into her mind like a tsunami. She scanned all the pictures of her family that lined the walls.

Everything was the same. Nothing had changed. From the wall paper to the scratches in the doors her and her brother had created from playing soldiers in the hall. She looked at all of the past Phantomhive family heads. She stopped at her father. He was a handsome man. A soft smile, blueish grey hair, light brown eyes, and a small mole on his cheek. Her face slowly morphed into a sad smile as she thought of wonderful past memories. Her feet picked up speed again as she walked away.

She made it downstairs to the foyer, which no one was in. [F/n] made her way down the grand staircase with her hand on the mahogany railing. She stepped off the last stair with a click of her heels. She glanced around, making a guess that everyone was still eating or gone out.

"Hello?" [F/n]'s quiet voice echoed throughout the vast room. No answer. So she ventured onward. Since she had been living here for a good amount of her life here, she has gotten a hang of where things were at.

The polished granite floors made her heels click with every step she'd take. As she made her way to the kitchen she notice none of the staff was there. As she glanced around, her stomach growled.

She walked cautiously to the cupboard. [F/n] gingerly grasped the small knob to open the . She fully opened the door to reveal its contents. To her surprise there was nothing but an old box. But something about the box said something. Her mind scratched at her, telling her to pick up the box. So she did. She glanced around for someone like Sebastian or Mey-Rin. When the coast was clear, she opened the dusty lid. When opened she found a necklace and ring. The deep blue rubies glinted in the morning light as she held up the necklace.

"Gorgeous..." [F/n] trailed. She had seen nothing more beautiful in her life. As for the ring, it was of equal beauty. The small, intricately designed, band adorn the same blue ruby right in the center of  it. She slipped it on gingerly to her left middle finger. It fit perfectly like it was made for her, and only her. As she placed the necklace back into the box, her hand brushed up a previously unnoticed note on the box's lid.

She peeled the note from the lid.

'My sweet Rachel. Your beauty shines like no other. You are my lovely lily that floats atop the murky water called the world. I truly love you'

It had been a forgotten love letter from her father to [F/n]'s beloved mother. A gentle smile spread across her face as she held the necklace and note to her chest. Tears racked at her eyes but she held them back.

"I see you found something that belonged to your mother" a silky smooth voice murmured as arms gently wrapped around her waist.

[F/n] was quick with her reaction. She spun around in her "attacker's" arms. She brutally landed a solid punch square on the face. As she did this action, she noticed that it was none other than Sebastian.

"Oh god!" She screamed as she looked at Sebastian's now heavily bleeding nose. In a panic, [F/n] lifted her dress to tear the trim off of her pristine petticoat. She removed his hand from his nose and held the white trim to his bruised nose.

  His eyebrows kitted together in a mixture of anger and sympathy for the girl before him.

They had now moved to Sebastian's room where she took care of his bloodied nose.

"You sure cause damage considering your size, my lady" he said, slight anger
lacing his voice.

  "I'm so sorry Sebastian! Can I do anything to make it up?" she yearned

"If you would be so kind, kiss me." He said smirking.

She looked at him, cheeks turning bright red. "Sebastian I don't know-"
She began before she was cut off by Sebastian's silky lips pressing against hers. He put his hand on her head and gently grasped her hair, as [F/n] put her small arms around his neck. She twisted locks gently.

He pulled away looking her dead in the eyes, and saying, "I saw your hesitation. I'm glad you didn't say no".


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