I want to know you

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Camila's pov

   I've been talking to Lauren for the past month and I've learned a lot about her and I also told her a lot about me. I honestly think I'm starting to fall for her and I haven't even met her, we just text every day. I haven't even heard her voice yet, I wonder what it sounds like...probably really raspy and seductive...

   I know most people who talk to a stranger and haven't even heard their voice before would really be questioning if they were who they say they are but I just don't get that kind of vibe from her...I do get a lot of other vibes though...

   You see Lauren's been getting really flirty and I just brush it off because it's probably just her personality but sometimes it just feels like maybe she might feel the same way..


I was sitting at lunch with Dinah when my phone went off. My heart started to race and I quickly grabbed my phone from my pocket.

Lolo🙈: hey, how's your day been princess?

Camz🍑: better now that you texted me <3

Lolo🙈: aww babe stop you're making me blush :*

Camz🍑: well it's true. How's your day been?

Lolo🙈: it's been great, I only had two morning classes so I got out about two hours ago and Mani dragged me shopping so I got some new clothes

Camz🍑: ooohh let me see!!!!

Lolo🙈: haha ok give me a sec

Lolo🙈: *sends picture*

Camz🍑: holy shit Laur...

Lolo🙈: what does it look bad?!?

Camz🍑: no no that's not it at all...it's just, do you think you're ready to tell me where you live so I can come see you in person..?

Lolo🙈: aww Camz don't be so shy, I live in Miami

Holy shit. No way.

Camz🍑: is this some sort of prank...

Lolo🙈: no? Why would you ask that?

Camz🍑: Lo I live in Miami..

Lolo🙈: holy fuck

Lolo🙈: does this mean we can actually meet

Camz🍑: I really hope so

Lolo🙈: well since we haven't even talked on the phone yet, we take it step by step. I'll call you later, and then maybe in a couple days we could Facetime...if you want?

Camz🍑: I would love that Lo, but I gtg lunch just ended for me

Lolo🙈: ok have a good day babe, I'll call you later

Camz🍑: I can't wait <3

"Who were you texting there Chanch?" Dinah asked as we got up to head to biology together

"Nobody" I said shrugging my shoulders, hopefully she'll stop here and won't ask any further because we're lab partners and there's a lab today meaning we can talk and I really don't want to have to explain all of this during biology

"HOII you best not lie to me Walz. I can see the blush on your face so they must be important. And we don't want what happened last time you didn't tell me something now do we?" She said muttering "the nerve" under her breath

"Ok ok, I'll tell you after school but you have to promise me that you won't judge me no matter what" I gulped because I really don't want another poly beat down like last time

"Promise. I'll meet you at the front after school and we can walk to your house together"

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