Twenty Seven: The Malik's POV

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Chapter Twenty Seven: The Malik POV


Melissa's POV

I watched Skylar and Zayn walking side by side , reciting the short memory they had together . I smiled to myself . They've acted as if they have known each other forever .

The way he looked at her was not a look I've seen for a very long time . I watched how he looked at Skylar who titled her hair back and gave a soft laugh . Zayn stared at her in awe ..totally lost in a maze which was known by her face . His lips were slightly parted and his facial expression was relaxed and sane. Not a demon vibe at sight .

"He's in love with her " I said to myself . I didn't 'think' but I knew . His stare only lasted for a second or so but his gaze held more than a thousand words within his face

Zayn should enjoy his company while he has her.

I still remember the day Zayn told me about his crazy...yet smart plan .


"You want to what ? " I looked at him flabbergasted not sure if I heard him correctly. " are you sure this is the only plan you can come up with ? Couldn't there be anything else ?"

We were in my room . I was trying an experiment but Zayn had disturbed me to tell me about his 'great' plan . He sat on my chair staring at me as I paced up and down my room .

Zayn shook his head .

"I want to go with this plan Mimi" he said sternly . " it's the only way I keep my family safe.."

"I don't think you realise what's at stake here Zayn"

"I think it has potential "

"Potential ?!?! Are you even using your brain ?" I questioned now sitting across from him . He was figitting with his fingers , I could sense he was getting frustrated.

"Obviously I wasn't " he said sarcastically. " look...the idea is stupid I know but why do I have a feeling that you understand my crazy plan ?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Please elaborate dear brother?" I was keen on where I fitted with this situation.

"I don't know I-..." He took a deep breath " I think the idea is crazy myself! I don't know why I thought of it but to me it weirdly makes sense . I'm pratically saving all of you if we go ahead with this...we bring our realm safe and not exposed to the evil doing caused by me..the reason why I'm asking you this is if maybe you had a vision of this at all about this ? Or was this idea put into my head somehow?"

"You think I did it " I chuckled pointing at myself . " you have the wrong person "

Zayn just stared at me and just stood up . He was about to walk away

"Although..." I quickly said as I stopped from his tracks . " I could adjust a few alternatives to go with your plan "


"Well well if it isn't Skylar Green"

I snapped back to reality where Skylar gasped quietly. I heard that voice before .

Chandler Royal...the leader of the berserkers . His mind is filled with nothing but evil thoughts . The Maliks and Royals had a bad past together .

We quickly blocked him from seeing Skylar . I could sense her fear from behind me as I heard her whimper and shake in fear . There was no doubt about it that Chandler definitely knew she was here with us .

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