Chapter 20 - The Uninvited Guest

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How could she refuse? Julie just made it sound like it was going to be amazing. But Amy couldn't deny her gut feeling that something was going to go horribly wrong. Dates just weren't her thing and not knowing the guy made it even worse.

"I'm sure it would be-"

"Then why won't you come?" Julie screamed, cutting her off. She made a good point. Amy wasn't exactly giving her any reason why she shouldn't go. But Amy still wouldn't agree to it.

"Julie!" she whined back, "Please! Just trust me when I say that I can't go," Amy pressed, clenching and unclenching her fists in her lap for something else to focus on.

But Julie wouldn't have it, "Well give me one good reason why then!" she argued, again continuing before Amy had the chance to at least try to think up a believable excuse, "Is this because of Chris?"

Amy's eyes widened before she could catch herself. Was it that obvious that she had a crush on him?

Instead of coming up with some witty comeback, Amy began blushing uncontrollably as she bit her lip, muttering something about how she didn't like him into her lap.

Julie rolled her eyes, "Look Amy, I can always tell when someone has a crush on someone else. That's just my thing. And Melissa made it pretty clear when she made you her own personal enemy. Plus, you and Chris are always hanging out and exchanging glances and stuff, and with your stupid bet and all... it just seems that you like him," she finished shyly and Amy blushed again, dropping her head into her hands on the table. 

"Do I make it that obvious?" she asked although reluctant to hear the answer.

Julie smiled then and Amy knew she was up to no good. What was she thinking beneath those huge dimples and mischievous brown eyes?

But just as it appeared, it was gone again - before Amy could ask what she was hiding. But Amy was sure that Julie was hiding something from her.

"Julie..." she warned, already worried beyond belief.

"Anyways," she continued in a light singsong voice, ignoring Amy's threat. She was teasing her and it was agitating Amy, "You are coming."

"No!" Amy repeated for what must have been the millionth time that week, "No! No! No! No! No!"

Julie pouted again, breaking into a puppy-dog face, Amy's ultimate undoing. She felt herself sign inwardly, already knowing that she'd give in sooner or later even though she didn't want to. Maybe Julie would give up before Amy agreed to it though.

She kept the pout on her face for a minute longer. It was like a contest. Amy could practically hear the crowd cheering them on and the referee's voice booming through the stadium. The first bell rang, signalling that she'd lost the first round. Amy's jaw clenched uneasily. The second bell rang, and her she gulped, her hands shaking.

"I - well - I guess I could - maybe," Amy stuttered rapidly, her eyes shut.

The announcer in her mind spoke up suddenly, signalling the 'K.O'. Amy knew that she'd lost.

Next thing she knew, Julie was jumping up from her spot and standing over Amy, hugging her from behind and squealing.

"This is going to be so much fun!" she bubbled, "I promise! It will be the best date of your life. I already know who your date is going to be!"

Amy shook her head. What had she gotten herself into? She watched as Julie walked back and forth behind her, moving from the kitchen to the living room excitedly and mumbling under her breath about some of the arrangements she would have to make. The frantic sound of her tapping her tiny fingers against the keyboard of her phone filled Amy's home.

Finally, she looked up again, smiling devilishly, "I promise, Ames. You won't regret it!"


And that's how Amy landed outside the Cineplex, standing next to a beautiful Julie, waiting for their double date. She was wearing a spaghetti strap T-Shirt with a cardigan and skinny jeans. Julie had tried so hard to get her into a skirt but Amy had refused. She'd already agreed to an uncomfortable double date; there was no way her friend was getting her into a skirt too.

She pulled out her phone awkwardly and checked the time. David was apparently driving her date - whoever he was - because he'd left his car at some girl's house. He was probably some player that had just finished hooking up with some slut or something and was only coming on this date because he pitied her. Amy already didn't like him.

Julie saw her boyfriend in the car across the street, driving towards them.

Amy gnawed on her bottom lip and looking t the movie theatre behind her. He was probably going to be an asshole. He would hit on all the female staff and then try something on her too. He was probably stupid, careless, rude... A complete d-bag.

David parked and got out of the car, waving to them. Julie giggled and rushed towards him, their arms outspread for one another. They slammed back against his car, hugging each other lovingly and playfully. After a quick peck on the lips, they walked back to where Amy was standing hand in hand.

They were so lucky. They loved each other. Amy's date was going to be a complete idiot. He would forget all of his manners, drop a door or two on her, maybe even stare at her chest.

Amy knew that this was a bad idea from the start. Maybe she could make a clean get away before whoever he was got out of David's car. But that would only succeed in angering Julie and she didn't need to lose any more friends at the moment.

She glared in the boy's direction as he ran his hand through his hair coolly, turning to face them.

He had brown hair, brown eyes and was absolutely gorgeous. But she already knew that. Amy knew that he was attractive. She'd woken up more than once to find his toned muscles around her, his arms circling her waist.

He wasn't just any stranger.

Amy's jaw dropped uncontrollably as he walked towards them, a smile plastered on his full lips.

"Hey, Amy," he greeted, meeting her eyes happily and as if nothing was wrong. What the hell?

Amy blinked to check if she was just imagining him or if he was really these, standing in front of her. Was he her date? He couldn't be. And yet there was no one else with David, so he must be.

She breathed out sharply, her brows furrowed in confusion and anger.



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